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About the Series:

The Brunel Lecture Series on Complex Systems, presented by MIT's Engineering Systems Division (ESD), was made possible by funds assembled and underwritten by Frank P. Davidson, convener of the Channel Tunnel Study Group (1957). It was this group's design, accomplished by agreement with Bechtel Corporation, Brown & Root, Inc. and Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc. in 1959, that formed the basis of the subsea railway link now in service between England and France.

Brunel Lectures 2001 – Present:

Engineering Systems in the Service Sector: The Launch of the ATM and How It Revolutionized Personal Banking (2013)
By John Shepard Reed
Chairman of the MIT Corporation and Retired Chairman & CEO of Citigroup, Inc.

From the Ground Up: A Comprehensive Systems Approach to the Redesign of Engineering Education (2011)
By Richard K. Miller
President, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

The Financial Crisis, the Recession, and America’s Future: A Systemic Perspective (2010)
by Charles Ferguson
filmmaker, Inside Job

Liberty by Design: An Internet Practitioner's Perspective (2009)
by Alan Davidson
Director of Goverment Relations and Public Policy for Google
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From IT to Cleantech: New Sources of Innovation (2008)
by Shai Agassi
Founder and CEO, Better Place
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Process Improvement in the Rarified Environment of Academic Medicine (2007)
by Paul F. Levy
President and Chief Executive Officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
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Educating Engineers for 2020 and Beyond (2006)
by Dr. Charles M. Vest
President Emeritus and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
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The 21st Century is about Engineering, Systems, and Society (2005)
by Dr. A. Richard Newton
Dean of the College of Engineering at University of California at Berkeley; Roy W. Carlson Professor of Engineering; Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Engineering Engineering Systems (2004)
by Thomas L. Magnanti
Institute Professor
Dean, MIT School of Engineering
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The Columbia Tragedy: System-Level Issues for Engineering (2003)
by Sheila Widnall
Member, Columbia Accident Investigation Board
Member, National Women's Hall of Fame
Institute Professor, Professor of Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Engineering Systems, Engineering Systems Division, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Living with Catastrophic Terrorism: Can Science and Technology Make the U.S. Safer? (2002)
by Lewis M. Branscomb
Co-chair, Committee on Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism, National Research Council and Professor Emeritus, Public Policy and Corporate Management, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
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Simple Systems and Other Myths (2001)
by Norman R. Augustine
Former President, CEO, and Chairman and Current Chairman, Executive Committee, Lockheed Martin Corporatio

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