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2014 News Archives

Professor Asuman Ozdaglar (EECS) announced as new director of LIDS and associate director (designate) of the new MIT entity focusing on complex, sociotechnical systems:
“Letter regarding new LIDS director”
MIT News – September 23, 2014

Article by Yossi Sheffi in MIT Technology Review:
“A Failure to Treat Workers with Respect Could Be Uber’s Achilles’ Heel”
MIT Technology Review – September 22, 2014

NPR blog post on paper co-written by Richard Larson:
“After The NIH Funding 'Euphoria' Comes The 'Hangover'”
NPR – Shots: Health News from NPR blog – September 24, 2014
Here is the paper referenced: “Magnified Effects of Changes in NIH Research Funding Levels” - Richard C. Larson, Navid Ghaffarzadegan, and Mauricio Gomez Diaz – Service Science
This coverage was also picked up in the Sept. 25th issue of the ASEE First Bell newsletter.

A summary of research by 2014 SCM alumni Hang Shi and Daniele Primavera:
“Unlocking the Power of POS”
Supply Chain Management Review – September 14, 2014

Joe Coughlin featured in Fast Company special HP Issue on the future of transportation: “The Baby Boomers Drive Change, Again”
Fast Company – Issue No. 2, Fall 2014
Also, Coughlin quoted in article about grandparents talking to their grandchildren about money:
“Grandparents: Talk to Your Grandchildren About Money”
USA Today – September 24, 2014

Additional coverage of BioSuit, including quotes from Dava Newman
Below is a sampling of selected clips:
“MIT's New BioSuit Shrinkwraps Astronauts to Hold Them Together”
Gizmodo – September 23, 2014
“Shrink-wrapping spacesuits”
Space Daily – September 22, 2014
“New MIT biosuit could herald new age in form-fitting spacesuit”
Tech Times – September 19, 2014
“Wearable robot-skin could be worn by drones” – September 25, 2014

SDM alum and ESD PhD student Andrea Ippolito was selected as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, working with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Read the announcement on the White House Blog here.

ESD PhD and TPP graduate Sgouris Sgouridis is now Associate Professor at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. Read more.

Professor Yossi Sheffi has posted a new LinkedIn Influencer article, “How Will Apple’s Future-Facing Watch Change Your Business?” examining Apple’s impact on product supply chains.

MIT News article on Dava Newman and the BioSuit:
“Shrink-wrapping spacesuits”
MIT News – September 18, 2014

Article by Jason Black (ESD PhD and TPP alum) on renewable energy sources:
“Implications in grid stability: Replacing coal with renewables”
FierceSmartGrid – September 10, 2014

Article mentions research of Sandy Pentland and his team at the MIT Human Dynamics Laboratory:
“The Workplace of the Future Is Still the Office”
Forbes – Online – September 9, 2014

Article mentions CTL research on American companies that have announced they are bringing jobs to the US:
“Globalization Is in Retreat? Not So Fast”
The New York Times – September 16, 2014

Michael Cusumano quoted in coverage of Apple:
“Apple doesn't need another charismatic leader. It needs Tim Cook” – September 6, 2014
“Watched: Apple is becoming a very different company, and not just because of its newly unveiled products”
The Economist – Online – September 11, 2014
“What the Apple Watch Says About Apple”
The New York Times – Bits blog – September 15, 2014
“Four ways that Tim Cook is making Apple his own”
San Jose Mercury News – Online – September 12, 2014

David Mindell quoted in article about the Exosuit, a new advanced diving suit that will give them much more time to probe for new artifacts:
“A Superhero of Sorts in a Hunt for Artifacts”
The New York Times – Online – September 9, 2014

Seth Lloyd quoted in article on time travel:
“Time Travel Simulation Resolves ‘Grandfather Paradox’”
Scientific American – Online – September 2, 2014

MIT Portugal PhD candidate Miguel Amador has received a Fulbright award enabling him to study at MIT. Starting this month, Amador will be studying the regulatory frameworks relating to technological innovation in breakthrough therapies and their effect on patient access to the therapies. He will work with Professor Ken Oye on how to enable adaptive frameworks in current US and EU clinical, political, and economic contexts. Read more here.

Article in
The Tech about the new institutional entity at MIT focused on complex and sociotechnical systems, information and decision systems, and statistics:
“Plans for academic entity move forward”
The Tech – September 12, 2014

Article about Maria Yang and her research in the area of early-stage design:
“Visual thinking for engineers”
MIT News – September 10, 2014

Profile of ESD PhD candidate Sahar Hashmi on MIT Sloan Newsroom website
“Studying health care from every angle”
MIT Sloan – Newsroom – September 10, 2014

Richard Larson quoted in article about the first Dunkin’ Donuts shop open in California:
“Dunkin' Donuts opens first store in California”
The Boston Globe – September 6, 2014 (includes video)
Also picked up here

Jarrod Goentzel interviewed about Ebola medical supply shipment delays:
“Ebola Supply Shipments Delayed By Transportation Issues”
Morning Edition – NPR – September 8, 2014

Jim Rice interviewed by Financial Times regarding an MIT CTL study on US manufacturing reshorings:
“Few US ‘reshorings’ go ahead, study finds”
Financial Times – September 7, 2014

Bryan Reimer quoted in article about self-driving cars:
“The Cognitive Consequence of Self-Driving Cars”
The Huffington Post – September 10, 2014

Profile of ESD Acting Director Munzer Dahleh (also director-designate of a new MIT entity that will focus on complex and sociotechnical systems, information and decision systems, and statistics):
“The connector: Munther Dahleh’s expertise in mathematical modeling gives him profound insight into people, and MIT”
MIT News – September 3, 2014

MIT BLOSSOMS included in article about how technology can improve the classroom:
“There no app for good teaching: 8 ways to think about tech in ways that actually improve the classroom” – September 3, 2014

Sandy Pentland quoted in back-to-school article about key skills:
“When School Starts Up Again, What Skills Should Our Kids Be Learning?”
Forbes – Online – August 22, 2014

TPP alum Michael Massimino tells the story of his mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope:
“A View of the Earth”
The Moth – NPR – added online August 26, 2014 (recorded November 12, 2012)

Thomas Kochan quoted in coverage of Market Basket:
“Market Basket Revolt Ends as Arthur T. Demoulas Wins Bid”
Bloomberg News – Online – August 28, 2014
“Market Basket talks drag on amid legal maneuvering”
The Boston Globe – Online – August 28, 2014
“Workers Win Supermarket President’s Job Back: Market Basket's Board Announces Deal to Reinstate Ex-Chief”
The New York Times – Online – August 28, 2014

Coverage of recent paper co-authored by Jessika Trancik:
“EPA Rules Ignore Methane” (audio and transcript)
Living on Earth – Public Radio International – June 13, 2014

ESD Alumni Advisory Council member Don Shobrys new MIT Alumni Association president:
“Meet the President”
MIT News Magazine – MIT Technology Review – June 17, 2014)

Bryan Reimer participates in panel on “Engineering Safer Drivers”:
“How Do You Engineer Safer Drivers?”
The Boston Globe - June 14, 2014

ESD Alumni Advisory Council member Don Shobrys is the new president of the MIT Alumni Association. Read more in this article: “Meet the President” (MIT News Magazine – MIT Technology Review – June 17, 2014).

Assistant Professor Jessika Trancik has been named the Atlantic Richfield Career Development Professor in Energy Studies, effective July 1st. The chair, which was established in 1980 by a grant from the Atlantic Richfield Foundation, was the first endowed chair at MIT specifically designated to support teaching and research related to energy.

John Fernandez (Department of Architecture and ESD) has been promoted to full professor, effective July 1st. He is co-lead of the MIT Portugal Sustainable Energy Systems focus area. His newest book, co-authored with Paulo Ferrão, is Sustainable Urban Metabolism (MIT Press).

Bryan Reimer recently gave a talk at the MIT Technology Review Digital Summit (San Francisco, CA, June 10, 2014). View video and slides. He also gave a talk for the New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) on the MIT campus on May 29, 2014. View video, slides, and Boston Globe coverage: “How Do You Engineer Safer Drivers?” (June 14, 2014).

Dava Newman gave a keynote talk, “Out of This World Design,” at a recent PromaxBDA Conference. Read more here.

Slate blog post on cyberinsurance by ESD PhD candidate Josephine Wolff:
“The $10 Million Deductible: Why the cyberinsurance industry is a mess”
Slate – FutureTense – June 6, 2014
Richard Larson offers some insights on the science of waiting in line:
“A Long-Line Expert Explains Shake Shack’s Long Lines”
New York Magazine – Science of Us – June 10, 2014

White paper by Donald Lessard, commissioned by DHL, mentioned in article:
“Find The Right Global Market For Your Business”
Forbes – Online – June 9, 2014

In keeping with tradition, Professor Joe Sussman presents his annual ESD Faculty Summer Reading List. You can view the 2014 list here. You can view an updated PDF encompassing all of the reading lists here, in the ESD Working Papers Series.

The Technology & Policy Student Society selected Professor Richard Larson as this year’s recipient of the TPP Faculty Appreciation Award. The Technology & Policy Student Society also awarded Professor David Autor, Department of Economics, the faculty appreciation award in appreciation of him and 14.003.

Professor Don Rosenfield’s son Todd received two MIT master’s degrees last week (an SM in mechanical engineering and an MBA from MIT Sloan, earned simultaneously through the LGO program)—bringing the number MIT degrees for the Rosenfield family up to a remarkable total of ten. Read more here.

ESD congratulates its graduates for the 2013-2014 academic year. (Read more.)

S.Joel Carlson and his advisor Prof. Joseph Sussman won the Ron Rice Award for Best Paper from the Canadian Transportation Research Forum (CTRF) at their annual meeting. The paper is “Understanding Crude Oil Transport Strategies in North America.” It is currently part of the ESD Working Paper Series (ESD-WP-2014-03) and will soon be on the CTRF website.

For the third time in the history of the award, two LGO students were voted by their peers to share the Charles “Harrison” Smith III Award. Scott Bromley and Alex Whigham were recognized with the scholarship award given annually to first-year students who have made outstanding contributions to the program and shown remarkable leadership. Read more here.

“Dahleh is appointed to William A. Coolidge Professorship”
MIT News – June 4, 2014 blog post by ESD PhD candidate Josephine Wolff:
“To Catch a Cyberthief: How the FBI foiled the dangerous malwares GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker” – June 3, 2014

Coverage of Julia Collins (SCM ’10), record-holder for the most-winning woman on Jeopardy!:
“Meet ‘Jeopardy’s’ winningest woman: Julia Collins”
The Washington Post – OnlineJune 4, 2014
Additional coverage here: – June 2, 2014

Article on Sandy Pentland’s new book Social Physics and how it applies to office life:
“Big Data Comes to the Office”
The New Yorker – OnlineJune 5, 2014

Chris Caplice quoted in blog post about the impact of 3D printing on manufacturing:
“3D printing will disrupt manufacturing”
The Economist – GE Look Ahead blog – June 4, 2014

News item on new CBI collaboration:
“MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI) announces a collaboration with the Amgen Foundation”
MIT News – June 3, 2014

Article on MIT Portugal’s eTeams program:
“MIT eTeams shows effective acceleration for international startups in Boston”
BetaBoston – May 29, 2014

John Hansman quoted in coverage of recent crash at Hanscom Field:
“Gulfstream IVs have few blemishes on safety record”
The Boston Globe – Online – June 3, 2014

Joseph Coughlin quoted in article on “unretirement”:
“Don’t Buy Into the Retirement Gloom”

Time – Online – June 5, 2014

Joel Moses talks about the history of computer science at MIT:
MIT Commemorates 50 Years of Computing” (includes audio)
WGBH – On Campus blog – May 28, 2014

A look at MIT AgeLab’s AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy System) suit:
“Meet Agnes, the ageing empathy suit at MIT” (video)
BBC News Online/Interactive – May 29, 2014

Sandy Pentland mentioned in article about social networking:
“What's Next in Social Networking? Meaningful Simplicity”
The Huffington PostMay 29, 2014

Steven Eppinger quoted in article about parts commonality and recent General Motors recalls:
“Parts Commonality Can Make for Big Recall Headaches”
Design News - Electronic News & Comment blog – May 20, 2014

Lawrence Bacow talks about potential impacts of technology on higher education:
(Bacow spoke about this topic at the 2013 Charles L. Miller Lecture)
“Will EdX Save GenX from Rising College Costs?”
The Huffington Post – May 29, 2014

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) Department Head Anantha Chandrakasan announced today the appointment of Professor Munther Dahleh to the William A. Coolidge Professorship at MIT. Read more here.

Jarrod Goentzel was the 104th commencement speaker for Tabor College. His commencement speech was titled, “What will be your profession?”  Read more here: “Tabor graduates largest senior class” (Hillsboro Free Press – May 20, 2014).

Sandy Pentland quoted in articles about Big Data:
“Job hunting is a matter of Big Data, not how you perform at an interview”
The Guardian – May 10, 2014
“Big Data and the Visionary Power of Change”
CIO Journal – The Wall Street Journal – May 21, 2014
Also, Pentland’s book Social Physics featured in The New York Times Sunday Book Review
“Every Little Byte Counts ‘The Naked Future’ and ‘Social Physics’”
The New York Times – Online – May 18, 2014

Article about MIT Portugal’s eTeams program:
“European start-ups gather at law firm Sherin and Lodgen”
Boston Business Journal – May 13, 2014

Yossi Sheffi discusses the difficulty of same-day delivery from online retailers:
“Who Can Beat Amazon on Same-Day Delivery? Wal-Mart”
Bloomberg Businessweek Technology – May 16, 2014

Dava Newman talks about spacesuit technology at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics:
“Building the Spacesuit of the Future: Live Webcast Tonight” – May 15, 2014

Blog post by Joe Coughlin on George Takei’s recent visit to MIT AgeLab:
“George Takei & MIT AgeLab on Living Longer Better”
Big Think – May 16, 2014

Olivier de Weck recently gave a TEDx talk, "Humanity's path to becoming a multi-planet species,” at EPFL in Switzerland as part of TEDxLakeGeneva. The title of Professor de Weck’s talk is "Humanity's path to becoming a multi-planet species.” View the talk here.
Also, Sandy Pentland recently spoke at TEDx Beacon Street. The title of his talk was, “Social Physics: How Social Networks Make Us Smarter.” Watch online here.
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has announced its new activities for adaptive licensing for human medicines, which builds on work by NEWDIGS. See press release, which mentions the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation at the end. 

Dava Newman talks about the BioSuit:
“A closer look at MIT's next-gen spacesuits” – May 5, 2014

Washington Post Live: Booming Tech (May 8 event; videos available online):
Video featuring MIT AgeLab director Joseph Coughlin

Randy Kirchain mentioned in coverage about new funding for the Consortium for Integrated Photonic Systems Manufacturing (CIPSM):
“NIST awards $539,990 grant to photonics consortium”
MIT News – May 14, 2014

Article highlights MIT Portugal’s eTeams program:
“MIT International Innovation Symposium showcases impressive European startups”
BetaBoston – a Boston Globe site – May 5, 2014

ESD PhD student Ross Collins quoted in Tech article regarding a Graduate Student Council resolution urging MIT to divest its endowment from major fossil fuel companies:
“After divestment debate, GSC reps also dispute vote count”
The Tech – May 13, 2014

Joseph Sussman Receives Transportation Research Forum Distinguished Researcher Award
– May 9, 2014

MIT News article about MIT spinout Cambrian Innovation (co-founder is TPP and ESD PhD alum Matt Silver):
“Brewing up sustainability: Novel system devised by MIT spinout Cambrian Innovation uses microbes to treat, extract power from wastewater”
MIT News – April 25, 2014

Nature Climate Change News and Views article on work by Morgan Edwards and Jessika Trancik:
“Climate change mitigation: Deposing global warming potentials”
Nature Climate Change – April 25, 2014

Article highlights Noelle Selin’s research:
“Redefining sustainability: MIT labs that shape the world”
The Tech – April 25, 2014

Article by Chris Caplice and Francisco Jauffred:
“Balancing Robustness and Flexibility in Transportation Networks”
SupplyChainBrain - March/April 2014

Article mentions how Humanitarian Response Lab is helping recovery efforts in the Philippines after Typhoon:
“MIT responds to Typhoon Haiyan: Community springs to action after the Philippines’ deadliest natural disaster”
MIT News – April 14, 2014

Richard Larson talks about how Disney theme parks manage long lines:
“Disney Theme Parks Reimagining the Wait in Line”
ABC News – April 23, 2014
This story will be featured on tonight’s broadcast of ABC’s 20/20.

Opinion pieces by Stuart Madnick:
“After Target data theft, hackers’ next target is you – Opinion: Cyber criminals are a threat whenever you visit websites”
The Wall Street Journal – MarketWatch – March 17, 2014
“Maybe the search for the Malaysian Airlines plane needed a chief data officer”
Quartz - April 7, 2014

Article about Sandy Pentland’s research:
“MIT’s Alex Pentland: Measuring Idea Flows to Accelerate Innovation”
The New York Times – Bits blog – April 16, 2014

Article about community colleges by Thomas Kochan:
“America's (quality) jobs creator: Community colleges” – April 14, 2014

Cynthia Barnhart named MIT chancellor:
“Alumni Assume MIT’s Top Academic Posts”
MIT Technology Review – April 23, 2014

Joseph Coughlin among the speakers at upcoming “Booming Tech” event
(May 8, 9:30-11:30am, Westin Boston Waterfront)
The Washington Post – April 16, 2014

Nicholas Ashford mentioned in article on research on illnesses among Gulf War veterans:
“Explaining the ‘Unexplained’ Illnesses of Gulf War Veterans”
The Huffington Post – April 15, 2014

Leah Schouten, LGO Admissions and Career Development Coordinator, has been selected to receive a School of Engineering Infinite Mile Excellence Award. The awards celebration will be held on Wednesday, May 21, at 3:00pm in the Grier Room (34-401).

ESD PhD candidate Ross Collins was a speaker at the World Green Economy Summit (April 15-16 in Dubai).  He spoke at this conference as winner of the 2013 Global Energy Essay Contest.

Profile of Sandy Pentland and his new book, Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread — The Lesson From a New Science:
“M.I.T.’s Alex Pentland: Measuring Idea Flows to Accelerate Innovation”
The New York Times- Bits blog – April

Article on MIT AgeLab and Monotype study on whether more legible typefaces could make a difference in in-car media:
“A remarkably small idea that could reduce distracted driving”
The Washington Post – Wonkblog – April 7, 2014

Article on the young workforce by Thomas Kochan:
“America's young workers: Destined for failure?” – April 7, 2014

Steve Eppinger has been honored as a runner-up for the POMS (Production and Operations Management Society) Wickham Skinner Award for Best Paper published in Production and Operations Management during 2013. The winning paper, “Structuring Work Distribution for Global Product Development Organizations,” is co-authored with Anshuman Tripathy (whose dissertation work the paper is based upon—Tripathy holds a Sloan PhD in OM and is now at IIM-Bangalore). The award will be presented on May 11th during the POMS 25th Annual Conference held in Atlanta.

Article about Marta González’s HuMNet Lab team’s recent wins at the MIT Big Data Challenge:
“HuMNet Lab students win big at MIT Big Data Challenge”
MIT News – April 3, 2014

Article on MIT Energy Initiative seed grant awards:
Prof. Jessika Trancik received a seed grant for the project “Evaluating time-dependent climate impacts of natural gas deployment”
“MIT Energy Initiative announces new seed grant awards”
MIT Portugal – March 27, 2014

Article on Jessika Trancik’s recent commentary in Nature:
“Commentary in Nature urges public sector to ‘back the renewables boom’” (Read the Nature commentary here)
Physics Today – March 2014

John Hansman quoted in coverage of Malaysian Flight 370:
'All lives lost' doesn't end puzzle of doomed Flight 370
USA Today – Online – March 24, 2014
“Malaysian Pilot's Simulator Shows Passion for Garage Cockpits”
Bloomberg Businessweek – Online – March 23, 2014

Eric von Hippel mentioned in article on Palmer Luckey and his company Oculus (recently sold to Facebook for $2 billion):
“Oculus' Palmer Luckey: Living In The Future”
Forbes – Online – March 27, 2014

News from MIT Portugal: The 5th edition of Building Global Innovators™ (BGI) is now open. Read more on the MIT Portugal website.

On March 10, 2014, the SDM community convened for the presentation of the Class of 2013 MIT SDM Student Award for Leadership, Innovation, and Systems Thinking. Read about this year’s winner, Wilfredo "Alex" Sanchez, and the finalists here.

LGO management faculty co-director Georgia Perakis will receive one of two 2014 Jamieson Teaching Awards from the MIT Sloan School of Management. This prize, funded by MIT alumnus J. Burgess Jamieson, was established to honor educational innovation and excellence. Read more details on the LGO website.

Nancy Leveson and her students held a 3-day workshop last week on their new system safety and security approaches based on systems theory. More than 240 people from 20 countries (5 continents) attended. Most of the slides from the presentations are now available online—videos of the presentations will be posted soon. The slides (and soon videos) can be found here. (There was also a security (cyber and physical) track at the workshop, but slides are not available for those presentations.) More information, including papers, research reports, and theses on the new approach can be found here.

Article co-written by César Hidalgo:
“The Data-Visualization Revolution”
Scientific American OnlineMarch 17, 2014

Sandy Pentland mentioned briefly in blog post about how corporations use big data:
“How Market Leaders Use Big Data to Enhance the Customer Experience”
The Wall Street Journal – CIO Journal blog – March 24, 2014

Article on military veterans and LGO:
“For military veterans, LGO offers a good transition”
LGO website – March 25, 2014

John Hansman interviewed in ongoing coverage of Malaysia AIR 370:
Selected media clips include:
(Video) “What the data says about Flight 370”
Anderson Cooper 360º Cable News Network (CNN)March 18, 2014
(Video) “MIT's Hansman Discusses Malaysian Air Flight 370
Bloomberg News Bloomberg Television03/16/2014
“Missing jet: Piracy would require special skills”
AP Associated PressMarch 14, 2014
“How to steal a 777” – March 14, 2014
(Video) “Looking beyond Flight 370's transponder”
Anderson Cooper 360º Cable News Network (CNN) –March 13, 2014

Michael Cusumano quoted in article on the mobile game industry:
“What's next for the makers of Candy Crush Saga?”
The New YorkerMarch 9, 2014

Coverage related to survey/white paper by Endeavour Partners on tech wearables (ESD Senior Lecturer Michael A.M Davies is chairman of Endeavour Partners):
“Above and Beyond: Creating the Next Great Smartphone”
Wired Magazine – March 10, 2014 (blog post written by Davies)
“Wearables have a dirty little secret: 50% of users lose interest”
TechRepublic – February 13, 2014
“How to make wearables stick: Use them to change human behavior”
VentureBeat – March 2, 2014
“Wearable Devices: Selfies for Health Nuts?”
Forbes – March 18, 2014

LGO faculty member Zeynep Ton quoted in article on retailers and wages:
“Are Retailers Missing A Huge Profit Opportunity By Keeping Wages Too Low?”
Forbes March 11, 2014

A team from Professor Marta Gonzalez’s Human Mobility and Networks (HuMNet) Lab, including ESD PhD candidate Jameson Toole, won first place in the prediction competition of the MIT Big Data Challenge. Toole also won second place with his scientific visualization of one week of taxi pickups and drop-offs.  In addition, a team including Nathan Perkins (TPP ’11) and Tommy Leung (ESD PhD candidate) came in 7th in the Challenge (out of 25 finalists and more than 200 teams).

Commentary by Jessika Trancik:
“Renewable energy: Back the renewables boom”Nature – Vol. 507, Issue 7492 – March 19, 2014
View on MITEI website

Yossi Sheffi talks about CTL’s 10th annual Crossroads conference
“Upcoming conference puts supply chain management in broad context”
MIT News - March 12, 2014

Article on passport security by MIT PhD candidate Josephine Wolff:
“Papers, Please: How to make every country check passports to make sure they aren’t stolen.”Slate – March 2013

News item about new Japanese translation of Engineering Systems:
“Engineering Systems book published in Japanese by Keio University Press”
MIT News – March 12, 2014

Steven Spear quoted in article on Toyota
“Toyota Kaikan: Inside one of the world's most fascinating factory tours”
CNN.comMarch 5, 2014

MIT ILP article and video on Yossi Sheffi’s research on logistics clusters:
“Logistics Clusters: An Alternative Path to Economic Success” (includes video)
ILP Institute Insider – March 3, 2014
Also on MIT News website.

MIT News article on Sandy Pentland’s new book, Social Physics:
“Social physics: Media Lab professor’s new book ties more than a decade’s research into a new theory of information propagation in communities large and small”
MIT News - March 4, 2014
Also, article in Forbes:
“The New Science Of Effective Organizations”
Forbes - Online – February 24, 2014

ESD PhD candidate Jonathan Krones was awarded a Schmidt-MacArthur Fellowship. He is a graduate research assistant in the MIT Urban Metabolism Group, led by Prof. John Fernández.

Article highlights the Ford-MIT Alliance’s efforts to build autonomous cars:
“MIT and Ford want to predict how other people drive”
The Boston Globe – February 24, 2014

New MIT ILP profile on MIT CTL Executive Director Chris Caplice:
"Digitization, Decentralization, and Omni-Channel Retail: The Future of Supply Chains"
also on MIT News site – February 27, 2014

Joseph Coughlin quoted in article about wearable tracking systems for older adults:
“An Activity Tracker for Seniors”

MIT Technology Review - February 27, 2014
Also, blog post by Coughlin:
“Investing So You Can Work In Retirement”
Big Think – February 25, 2014

Sandy Pentland participates in discussion about wearable technologies:
“Wearable Technologies”
BBC World Service – February 25, 2014

Eric von Hippel mentioned in article about innovation and healthcare:
“Why Changing Health Care Is Hard”
Forbes – February 24, 2014

Michael Cusumano quoted in article about the success of some new apps:
“Technology: Small company, big app” – February 22, 2014 (includes video)

Steve Graves mentioned in article about Dr. Malak T. Al-Nory, the first Saudi female Ibn Khaldun Fellow:
“MIT’s first female Saudi fellow setting example for compatriots”
Arab News – February 28, 2014

ESD PhD candidate Sahar Hashmi featured on Paul Levy’s health care blog:
“Medicine for Managers and Entrepreneurs at MIT”
Not Running a Hospital blog - February 22, 2014

Erica Fuchs (TPP ’03, ESD PhD ’06) profiled in MIT News Magazine:
“Understanding the impact of manufacturing location”
MIT News Magazine – February 18, 2014

Letter by ESD research scientist Afreen Siddiqi:
“The water-energy-food nexus of Pakistan”
The Express Tribune (with the International New York Times) – February 12, 2014

Thomas Kochan quoted in coverage of recent auto-workers’ union news:
“How Volkswagen's Tennessee Plant Could End Up Organized Without the UAW”
Bloomberg Businessweek - OnlineFebruary 18, 2014
"After UAW Loss in Chattanooga, Unions Try to Regroup”
The Wall Street Journal - OnlineFebruary 17, 2014

John Hansman quoted in article about turbulence:
“Fasten Seat Belts: Climate Change Could Mean More Turbulence” – February 20, 2014

A symposium was held on February 17th at the Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management (SDM) in Yokohama, Japan to launch the Japanese translation of the book Engineering Systems (by Olivier de Weck, Daniel Roos and Christopher Magee). The symposium was attended by more than 80 individuals from academia, industry and government. (Full news item about this event available next week.) The Japanese edition is published by Keio University Press under license from MIT Press. The book was the 2012 bestseller at the MIT Press Bookstore. Additional books in the MIT Press Engineering Systems Book Series are currently in translation.

Coverage of Sandy Pentland’s new book Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread—The Lessons from a New Science:
“Big Data Says Employees Want More Than Money”
Information Week – February 5, 2014
“Why Startups Should Steal Ideas and Hire Weirdos”
WIRED – February 7, 2014
“The measure of man”
The Economist – February 8, 2014

Article on IAP course (on the science, economics and policy of climate change) taught by several MIT graduate students, including TPP students Michael Davidson and Arthur Yip
“The dark and stormy side of science-policy mixology”
MIT News – February 11, 2014

Thomas Kochan quoted in article about Kellogg lockout:
“Labor Battle at Kellogg Plant in Memphis Drags On”
Then New York Times – February 10, 2014

Coverage of recent Richard de Neufville lecture in Colombo, Sri Lanka:
“Compete to survive”
The Sunday Leader (Sri Lanka) – February 9, 2014
“Market turmoil hits airports and airlines”
Sunday Observer (Sri Lanka) – February 9, 2014

Cynthia Barnhart
has been named chancellor and Martin Schmidt has been named provost. Read full news item from the MIT News Office here

Thomas Roemer, faculty member at the University of California at San Diego and former assistant professor of operations at MIT Sloan, has been named as executive director of MIT Leaders for Global Operations (LGO). Roemer will start work at LGO on or around July 1, 2014. He succeeds Don Rosenfield, who has been LGO's program director since its inception in 1988. Read full news item on the LGO website and MIT website.  Read more LGO news in the Feb. 2014 LGO Alumni Newsletter.

Two ESD faculty members featured in the winter 2014 issue of MIT Spectrum (focusing on cities)
Noelle Selin: “From Pollutants to Smart Policy”
John Fernández: “Where Economy Meets Ecology”

Chris Caplice discusses his research on identifying dominant designs in logistics
“Changing the 'Dominant Design' of Distribution” (video)
SupplyChainBrain – January 13, 2014

Sandy Pentland talks about the importance of face-to-face social connections
“CIO Network: Power of Face-to-Face Communication” (video)
Wall Street Journal –Online – February 5, 2014

Article about a new survey by the Hartford Financial Services Group and MIT AgeLab
“Planning for Retirement after a Spouse Dies”
US News & World Report – February 22, 2013

Michael Cusumano quoted in article about Microsoft’s search for a new CEO
“At Microsoft, would an insider CEO be the best choice?”
The Washington Post – Online – January 31, 2014

MIT BLOSSOMS fosters international partnerships in Malaysia and China
– January 27, 2014

Eric von Hippel quoted in article about consumer-generated innovation:
“Harnessing the power of extreme consumers” (requires subscription)
Financial Times – January 6, 2014

Coverage of Dava Newman and the BioSuit:
“This Spacesuit for Exploring Mars Is a Form-Fitting Math Problem”
WIRED – January 7, 2014

Seth Lloyd quoted in media coverage on quantum computing technology:
“Quantum Computing, The NSA And The Future Of Cryptography” (audio)
On Point – WBUR – January 8, 2014
“Snowden: The NSA is trying to build a super computer to crack any code”
San Jose Mercury News - Online – January 3, 2014
“NSA aims to build quantum computer that could crack world's encryptions”
PBS NewsHour - Online – January 2, 2014
“NSA working to build computer to crack encryption”
USA Today - Online – January 1, 2014

John Carroll quoted in article on management errors:
“Managers learn to see the error of their ways”
Financial Times – January 5, 2014

Article on MIT BLOSSOMS partnership with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM):
“Teachers blossom with help of videos”
New Straits Times – January 5, 2014

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MIT School of Science
MIT School of Humanities