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2013 News Archives

Five books by ESD faculty were among the top twenty bestsellers in the MIT Press Bookstore during the 2012-2013 academic year. These included all four books in the MIT Press Engineering Systems book series. Engineering Systems: Meeting Human Needs in a Complex Technological World was the number one bestselling book. Professor Yossi Sheffi’s book Logistics Clusters: Delivering Value and Driving Growth (watch book trailer) was the third-bestselling book at the bookstore.

ESD PhD student Alexandre Jacquillat is the winner of the 2013 Anna Valicek Award for Best Student Paper of AGIFORS (Airline Group of the International Federation of Operations Research Societies).  The winner receives the Silver Anna Valicek Medal and a $2,500 award. The title of the paper is "Dynamic Control of Runway Configurations and Arrival and Departure Service Rates at JFK Airport under Stochastic Queue Conditions.”  You can read the paper in the ESD Working Paper Series.

David Simchi-Levi quoted in article about the MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation’s Sept. 17 conference: “Chairman of McEwen Mining to speak at MIT big data conference”
MIT News – August 27, 2013
Also, Simchi-Levi quoted in this article: “Seven key factors short-circuit supply-chain risks” CGMA Magazine –  August 21, 2013

César Hidalgo talks about Immersion, a program he designed that looks at the volume and frequency of email traffic: “How A Look At Your Gmail Reveals The Power Of Metadata” (text and audio)
WNYC – August 23, 2013

Article about MIT faculty, including Dan Frey and Maria Yang, who were honored at the recent ASME 2013 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences (IDETC): “Three from MIT receive AMSE awards”
MIT News – August 27, 2013

Michael Cusumano quoted in story about Microsoft’s plan to replace Steven Ballmer as its chief executive: “Questions for Microsoft as It Nears a Crossroad”
The New York Times – August 23, 2013

Ed Crawley mentioned in article about Cambridge-based energy startup: “Ekotrope raises $1.7M to expand energy efficiency SaaS”
Boston Business Journal – August 29, 2013

Article about Prof. John Leonard and the Ford/MIT Alliance, now in its 15th year: “MIT, Ford: Road Worries”
Boston Herald – August 17, 2013

Research by Maria Yang featured in MIT News article: “Targeting product design for the developing world” – August 11, 2013
(featured as the spotlight on the MIT homepage)
Read paper here.

Chris Caplice interviewed for Supply Chain Digest's Supply Chain Video News: “Chris Caplice on Potential Change in US Logistics Paradigm” (segment begins at the 3:15 mark)
Supply Chain Digest – Supply Chain Video News – August 19, 2013

Coverage of research by Afreen Siddiqi, ESD research scientist:
“Large-scale irrigation: Understanding energy-water-food connections”
MIT News August 19, 2013

Article on MIT AgeLab research on how drivers react to new vehicle technology, including semiautonomous systems:
“Paving the way to self-driving vehicles: New features help today's aging drivers”
Automotive News - August 19, 2013

John Hansman quoted in articles about the proposed Hyperloop transportation system: “Is Elon Musk's Hyperloop just a pipe dream?”
BBC News Online/Interactive – August 13, 2013

“Wolverton: Elon Musk's Hyperloop hype ignores practical problems”
San Jose Mercury News – Online – August 13, 2013

SDM program featured in the current edition of Diversity/Careers:
“MIT’s SDM program offers a unique mid-career education”
Diversity/Careers – August/September 2013
(View the article on the website and/or in the magazine (begins on page 79).)

Noelle Selin is co-PI on the project, “Managing Impacts of Global Transport of Atmosphere-Surface Exchangeable Pollutants in the Context of Global Change.” This project is funded by a new grant from the National Science Foundation. The role at MIT will be to conduct integrated assessments of mercury and other toxic pollutants, tracking toxic pollutants from emissions to impacts, both globally and with a focus on the Great Lakes. (The project is led by Michigan Technological University.) Read more here.

The 7th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer & Information Quality Symposium (CDOIQ) from July 17-19 brought together practitioners, vendors, and academicians to discuss information quality. The event was co-sponsored by the MIT Information Quality (MITIQ) and the Sociotechnical Systems Research Center (SSRC). Read more on the SSRC website. Media company SiliconANGLE with open source Wikibon streamed live coverage, and MITIQ Director Rich Wang and Prof. Stuart Madnick were among those interviewed. Click here for event interviews.

On Thursday, August 7, 2013, the Supply Chain Management Class of 2014 began the first day of their 10-month master’s program, starting with a month-long series of orientations, workshops, lectures, classes, corporate presentations, and interaction exercises. The Class of 2014 is made up of 38 students and 3 military fellows from 15 countries and of whom 25% are female.

The Zaragoza Logistics Center, member of the MIT Global SCALE Network, has released a new video which features their recent 2013 ZLOG class, which can be viewed here.

Alex Pentland quoted in article on the work of the United Nations Global Pulse team: “Searching Big Data for ‘Digital Smoke Signals’”
The New York Times – August 7, 2013

Rhonda Jordan (ESD PhD ’12) featured in MIT Energy Initiative publication:
“Energy alumni: Where are they now?”
Energy Futures (from MIT Energy Initiative – Spring 2013)

Michael Cusumano quoted in short news item on IBM: “Biz Break: Facebook's rebound, Apple goes to China” (scroll down for item on IBM)
San Jose Mercury News - OnlineJuly 31, 2013

Seth Lloyd talks about theoretical quantum cryptography machine:
“To Make An Unbreakable Code, Use Quantum Physics”
Popular Science – August 2, 2013

At the recent 2013 annual conference of the System Dynamics Society, the ClimateInteractive team was presented with the Society’s Best Application Award.  This award is presented by the SD Society every other year for the best real-world application of system dynamics. The award was presented to the members of the ClimateInteractive team for their paper, "Climate interactive: the C-ROADS climate policy model," published in the System Dynamics Review, by John Sterman, Thomas Fiddaman (PhD in system dynamics, MIT Sloan), Travis Franck (PhD and SM, Engineering Systems Division), Andrew Jones (SM, Technology and Policy Program), Stephanie McCauley, Philip Rice, Elizabeth Sawin (PhD, Biology, MIT) and Lori Siegel.  The work describes the interactive climate policy simulations the team developed, and how they are being used by groups from senior policymakers to business leaders, the media, educators, and the general public, to help to build shared understanding—grounded in the best available science—of the impact of different greenhouse gas emissions pathways and policies to mitigate the risks of anthropogenic climate change. Read more here and on the ESD website.

A team of four Technology and Policy Program (TPP) students won first place in the student case competition at the US Association of Energy Economics (USAEE) annual conference in Anchorage, Alaska. Team members include: Ashwini Bharatkumar, Michael Craig, Daniel Cross-Call and Michael Davidson.  The USAEE Case Competition is a team-based competition open to teams of students at North American universities. Read more here.

Coverage of participation by Noelle Selin and team in a study of the atmosphere of the southeastern U.S.:
“MIT team flies high to measure mercury emissions” – MIT News – August 1, 2013
Also on the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change website

Article on MIT Professional Education course on crisis management taught by Richard Larson and others:
“Panel draws crisis management lessons from local events” – MIT News – July 29, 2013

Letter by Richard de Neufville on London airport published in Telegraph (scroll down) – The Telegraph – July 18, 2013

AgeLab's Joe Coughlin discusses his research on working past retirement and how older workers are maintaining their 'personal competitive advantage' in a multigenerational workplace:
“Rethinking Retirement and Work” (video) – FOX Business – August 1, 2013

The Zaragoza Logistics Center Medal of Distinction was awarded and presented to Steve Graves (ESD Interim Director) on July 24 during the PhD Summer Academy at ZLC in Zaragoza, Spain. The Zaragoza Logistics Center Medal of Distinction recognizes and acknowledges excellence in teaching, research and practice within the field of Operations Research and Management. Read more here.

Edgar Blanco’s 2013 Megacity Logistics Lab summer study: The study is now halfway complete and the students have returned from their international cities to begin compiling, analyzing, and refining their collected data. This data will become the foundation of the first global urban logistics atlas and will help to fill in a significant gap in information for policy makers and logistics planners. The site on which they have hosted their proprietary data repository service (called Last Mile) is now live and available to the public at (although data is still being added and refined). Last Mile is a project focused on visualizing information relevant to logistic operations in different contexts, collecting and displaying urban and corporate information. The software was created by a team of seven students from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico.
Also, Blanco gave a panel talk called, “Megacities: The Supply Chain Frontier,” at the 2013 DHL Public Policy Forum in Washington on July 16.

The judges for the Fourth Edition of Building Global Innovators have selected 20 semi-finalist teams that will compete for the Track Finalist and Grand Finalists awards. These teams will also compete for Caixa Empreender+ Awards, four awards given to individual teams worth up to 1 million euros (€1M) in financial support, plus in-kind support, experienced Catalyst mentors, and introduction and connection to the startup ecosystem of Kendall Square, near the MIT campus. This unique, technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship initiative of the MIT Portugal Program is quickly establishing itself as one of the most significant international venture competitions—with tangible results. Read more on the MIT website.

Coverage for MIT BLOSSOMS:
“MIT interactive videos get high school students thinking like scientists”
McClatchy Washington Bureau – July 23, 2013
Picked up by many media outlets, including the Miami Herald, Charlotte Observer, and the Macon Telegraph—and included in the recent First Bell newsletter of the ASEE

Essay on cyber attacks by ESD PhD student Josephine Wolff:
“How Would the U.S. Respond to a Nightmare Cyber Attack?” – Scientific American – July 23, 2013

Yossi Sheffi speaks at Miami Dade College’s School of Business Speaker Series:
“Speaker Series Draws Industry Leaders” – Miami Dade College – College Forum – June 2013

John Hansman quoted in article about recent Boeing Dreamliner fire:
“Battery in Honeywell beacon eyed in 787 fire” – (via Reuters – picked up by other media outlets, as well) – July 16, 2013

Michael Cusumano quoted in article on reorganization at Microsoft:
“Microsoft Overhauls, the Apple Way” – The New York Times – July 11, 2013

Article about how Ernest Moniz is restructuring the leadership of the Department of Energy:
“Ernest Moniz to restructure top leadership at Energy” – – July 22, 2013

Blog post by Joe Coughlin on achieving “age-ready” cities:
“Is Your City Age-Ready?”The Huffington Post blog – July 22, 2013

Article on Michael Cusumano in MIT ILP publication (includes video):
“Building a Platform for Success” – ILP Institute Insider – July 25, 2013

Op-ed by Leah Stokes, student in Noelle Selin’s group:
“Ontario's backward step on renewable energy” – Toronto Star – July 22, 2013

Jim Rice named one of DC Velocity’s 2013 “Rainmakers”:
“The Rainmakers” – DC Velocity – July 1, 2013

Michael Cusumano quoted in article about Steve Ballmer and Microsoft: “Ballmer’s game plan to put Microsoft back on top” – The Seattle Times – July 12, 2013 (Also picked up in Bloomberg Businessweek)

TPP student Kael Greco featured in Boston Globe article on research on driving stress:
“MIT studies seek to limit the stress of driving” – The Boston Globe – July 15, 2013
Also, TPP student Arthur Yip profiled on the MITEI website:
“Arthur Yip: Connecting Science and Policy: BP-MIT Energy Fellow discusses his research path and goals” – June 25, 2013

Transamerica announces long-term research collaboration with AgeLab: “Transamerica Commits to Research Collaboration with AgeLab”
Press release on PR Newswire – picked up by major news outlets – July 15, 2013

Arnold Barnett (LGO faculty member) talks about plane safety in coverage of San Francisco plane crash:
“Despite Asiana Crash, Flying Is Still Safer Than Driving” – Forbes – Online – July 8, 2013
“Capt. Chesley Sullenberger: S.F. airport construction possible factor in crash” – – July 6, 2013
“Korean Passenger Plane Crashes At SFO; 2 Dead, 182 Injured”
CBS Local – San Francisco – July 7, 2013
Also, Barnett wrote this opinion piece: “Why you won't die in a plane crash” - CNN Opinion – July 9, 2013

Professor Daniel Hastings, who last month completed a seven-and-a-half-year tenure as MIT’s dean of undergraduate education, has been appointed to a three-year term as director of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), effective Jan. 1, 2014. Read article from the MIT News Office.

Chris Caplice recently finished co-teaching a week-long executive education course in Kazakhstan on logistics and supply chain management with Dr. David Gonsalvez of the Zaragoza Logistics Center. The course was attended by 25 executives from Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ), the national railway company of Kazakhstan. (KTZ is the largest employer in Kazakhstan with 180,000 employees—considering that Kazakhstan’s population is only 16 million, this is more than 1% of the population.) This exec course focused on how logistics plays a complementary role to transportation, since the fastest-growing segment in Kazakhstan is container traffic from China to Europe. KTZ’s press release on the course is available here.  

The paper "House of Project Complexity: Understanding Complexity in Large Infrastructure Projects" by Donald Lessard, Vivek Sakhrani, and Roger Miller was awarded Best Paper at the Engineering Project Organization Conference 2013, July 7-11 in Winter Park, Colorado. (This paper was previously listed as ESD-WP-2013-09 in the ESD Working Paper series.) The EPOC conference is sponsored by the Engineering Project Organization Society.

Two posters submitted and presented by students working with Prof. Olivier de Weck won 1st place (co-ranked) at the 43rd International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES), sponsored by AIAA and held in Vail, Colorado from July 14-18, 2013. The conference focuses on topics such as Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS), EVA and Thermal Analysis. See here for details regarding the student poster competition.  The 1st-place-winning posters were:

  • “HabNet: A Generalized Habitat Modeling Environment” by Andrew Owens, Margaret Shaw, Ioana Josan-Drinceanu, Sydney Do and Olivier de Weck
  • “An OPM-Based Grammar for Encoding and Synthesizing Life Support System Architectures within HabNet” by Sydney Do and Olivier de Weck

Extensive coverage of César Hidalgo’s new metadata project, including:
“What your metadata says about you: From MIT’s César Hidalgo, a new window on what your e-mail habits reveal” –The Boston Globe – June 30, 2013
“Immersion, an MIT Media Lab Creation, Uses Email Metadata To Map Your Connections” – Huffington Post – July 10, 2013
“This MIT Website Tracks Your Digital Footprint Through Gmail” – TIME – July 5, 2013
“Spy On Yourself, Everyone Else Is” – – July 2, 2013
“How to Immerse Yourself in "Good" Internet Tracking” – Motherboard – July 11, 2013
“Create an Intimate Map of Your Life, Using Just Your Email Inbox”
Fast Company – Co.Design blog – July 12, 2013
“Take a Graphic Stroll through Your Own Personal Meta Data” – Fast Company – Co.Exist blog – July 12, 2013

John Hansman quoted in coverage of recent San Francisco plane crash:
“Some Asiana Flight 214 Passengers Went Back For Their Bags After Getting To Safety” – Business Insider – July 9, 2013
“Experts: Plane design key to surviving crashes” – USA TODAY – July 8, 2013
“Asiana crash: Improved technology, standards, and training likely saved lives”– The Christian Science Monitor - July 8, 2013
“Where to Sit to Survive a Plane Crash” – 89WLS (Chicago radio station) – July 9, 2013
“Plane Crash San Francisco: Experts Credit Good Design and Trained Flight Crew for Minimizing Fatalities” – – July 6, 2013

Sandy Pentland quoted on the analysis of cellphone data:
“Cellphone data mined to create personal profiles: Analyzing calls, text, and other cellphone data yields clues about a user’s personality, behavior, and even health status” – The Boston Globe – July 8, 2013
“Big data privacy concerns spur research, innovation”TechTarget – July 10, 2013
Also, Pentland quoted in articles on social signals and the workplace:
“Why Charisma Matters In The Work World” – – July 9, 2013
“New work order: From Google and Pixar to Innocent... the future of the office starts here” – The Independent – July 6, 2013
“New work order: The future of the office starts here” – The Queensland Times – July 8, 2013

Coverage of Ernest Moniz, new U.S. Energy Secretary:
“New Obama climate plan may draw from panel's recommendations”
Reuters - Online – June 21, 2013
“How a Massive Nuclear Nonproliferation Effort Led to More Proliferation” – – June 24, 2013

Alan Davidson (TPP alum and Brunel Lecture speaker) quoted in article on tech start-ups and immigration: “After a Stumble, Tech Lobby Refocuses on Immigration” – The New York Times – July 4, 2013

Profile of Stuart Madnick on MIT OpenCourseWare blog: OCW Instructor Profile: Stuart Madnick” – Open Matters – OCW blog – July 9, 2013

The class of 2014 from the Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation (CLI), part of the MIT Global SCALE Network, has arrived at MIT for the next 3 weeks. They will attend lectures and classes and will start their capstone projects, which they will continue to work on throughout the year. They will return to MIT in January to present their work at Research Expo 2014.

Edgar Blanco’s Megacity Logistics Lab has kicked off its Summer Study. The Summer 2013 Global Megacity Logistics Study is a 12-week research program for MIT undergrads to collect data in large urban areas across the globe such as Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Beijing, and Bangkok. The students are currently abroad in their respective cities conducting their research projects and will return to MIT on July 22nd.

Article on Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz’s first official visit to Capitol Hill:
“Energy Secretary Moniz Signals LNG Exports Will Soon Get Moving” – Forbes – Online – June 15, 2013

Research of Sandy Pentland mentioned in article about worker productivity:
“Eight Ways Goofing Off Can Make You More Productive” – Forbes – Online – June 18, 2013

Blog post by Joe Coughlin about older adults and big data: “Grandma's Big Data Problem & Your Future Privacy Choices” – The Huffington Post – June 25, 2013

Article about Amos Winter, who led a team that worked with Dan Frey to invent a new type of wheelchair for the developing world:
(This project was Winter’s main focus as a postdoc at the Singapore University of Technology and Design–MIT International Design Centre (IDC).)
“The Accidental Humanitarian: New faculty member Amos Winter, SM ’05, PhD ’11, tackles the ‘crazy hard’ engineering challenges of the developing world”
MIT Technology Review – June 18, 2013

Eric von Hippel quoted in article about crowd-sourced innovation: “Follow the Crowd” – The Huffington Post – June 17, 2013

George Apostolakis mentioned as senior member of Nuclear Regulatory Commission: “Tussle over Nuclear Plant Documents May Sink N.R.C. Appointment” The New York Times – June 21, 2013

Tony Bates (Research Associate, Contact North and a keynote speaker at recent LINC Conference) has written about the conference on his blog
View blog posts:
“MOOCs, MIT and Magic” – June 26, 2013
“MIT, learning technologies, and developing countries: lessons in technology transfer” – June 23, 2013

Noelle Selin (along with Steven Barrett and Steve Hung Lam Yim of Aero/Astro) has received pilot project funding from the MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences. The title of their project is “The Health Impact of Use of Leaded Aviation Gasoline.” Read more here.

Matthew Bunn (ESD PhD ’07) has been promoted to Professor of the Practice at the Harvard Kennedy School effective July 2013. Read more here.

Coverage of the MIT LINC 2013 Conference:
“LINC 2013 explores global technology-enabled learning”
MIT News – June 19, 2013 (Also, MIT News Of Note item)
“Virtual Universities Abroad Say They Already Deliver ‘Massive’ Courses”
The Chronicle of Higher Education – Wired Campus blog – June 19, 2013

“Virtual Universities Abroad Say They Already Deliver ‘Massive’ Courses”
The Chronicle of Higher Education – Wired Campus blog – June 19, 2013
The Technology and Policy Program (TPP) hosted the 2013 TMP Consortium meeting at MIT from June 16-18, 2013.  This meeting is both a networking opportunity as well as a chance for students to present their work to the academics attending from TMP Consortium membership institutions. The TMP Graduate Consortium, comprising technology and policy programs in North American, European, and Asian universities, was established to provide graduate students in this field an opportunity to share their research and network with students in similar programs. TPP student Michael Craig received the Best Poster Award for his poster: “Power Plant Operations under Dynamic Pricing of NOx AND SO2.”

Article on paper by Chris Magee and David Broniatowski (based on research Broniatowski conducted as part of his ESD PhD thesis):
“How seating of FDA committee members might impact their votes”
MIT News – June 11, 2013
Read the paper: "Does Seating Location Impact Voting Behavior on FDA Advisory Committees?" - The American Journal of Therapeutics

New publication by Richard Larson and Anna Teytelman (ORC PhD ‘12) addresses how to improve flu vaccine allocation
“Allocating flu vaccines to maximize number of people remaining healthy”
MIT News – June 14, 2013
Read the paper: “Multiregional Dynamic Vaccine Allocation During an Influenza Epidemic”Service Science

Bryan Reimer talks about driverless cars:
“Driverless cars should slow down, some say”
USA TODAY – June 10, 2013
“Self-driving cars could have long road to acceptance”
USA TODAY – June 14, 2013
“The driverless car: where is it taking us?”
ABC (Australian radio) – Future Tense – June 2, 2013

Press release on first class of graduates of the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation’s (MISI) Malaysia Supply Chain Management (MSCM) Program:
“The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation Graduates Inaugural Master's Class”
CTL website – June 12, 2013

Article about LGO students in Global Health Delivery Lab (MIT Sloan course):
“Students take their LGO tools to African clinics”
LGO website – June 6, 2013

Professor Joseph Sussman presents the 2013 ESD Faculty Summer Reading List. This list features five books (from non-ESD authors) that, in various ways, look at different types of complex systems—as well as three new books from ESD faculty members. View all of the ESD Faculty Summer Reading Lists here.

On May 30, the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) held its first convocation for the Class of 2013 under the Malaysia Supply Chain Management (MSCM) program. The event was well-attended by students, parents, board of governors and industry representatives, as well as U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia Paul W. Jones and Professor Yossi Sheffi. Graduates will go on to work at companies including Accenture, World Bank, Amazon, Cummins, Damco, Campbell Soup, Malayan Flour Mill, Entercoms and Rukshaya.

Coverage of new paper by Jessika Trancik:
“Researchers develop tool to set cost and emissions targets for energy sources” – ClimateWire – June 6, 2013
“Aligning Energy Technologies and Climate Change Goals” – MITEI site – June 6, 2013
Read paper: “Energy Technologies Evaluated against Climate Targets Using a Cost and Carbon Trade-off Curve” (published in Environmental Science Technology)

Article on recent research from the MIT Human Dynamics Lab (directed by Sandy Pentland):
“Why innovation thrives in cities”
MIT News – June 4, 2013

Article about a CTL study of Ocean Spray’s distribution network redesign:
“Collaboration bears fruit”
DC Velocity – May 28, 2013
Read full report: Case Studies in Carbon-Efficient Logistics: Ocean Spray - Leveraging Distribution Network Redesign

ESD Best Thesis Award Winners
– June 17, 2013

The MIT School of Engineering and the Research Support Committee awarded Noelle Selin $75,000 in Jeptha H. and Emily V. Wade Award funding for her proposal entitled “Integrated Assessment of Mercury Health Impacts." Selin also received this year’s Technology and Policy Program (TPP) Advisor Award.

Professor Nancy Leveson gave the keynote address at the STAMP Workshop Europe 2013 organized by the University of Stuttgart and the Technical University of Braunschweig. STAMP is Professor Leveson's new accident causality model and the subject of her book Engineering a Safer World: Systems Thinking Applied to Safety. This book is part of the MIT Press Engineering Systems Book Series.

PHI Learning of India has agreed to publish an English language reprint edition of the book, Engineering Systems: Meeting Human Needs in a Complex Technological World, for distribution in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Pakistan, and the Maldives. Publication of this reprint is due later this year. (This book is also part of the MIT Press Engineering Systems Book Series.)

Tom Heaps-Nelson, who recently successfully defended his ESD PhD dissertation, received the 2013 Graduate Student Extraordinary Teaching and Mentoring Award on May 23 in the MIT Faculty Club. The audience included the students of the Supply Chain Management Program whom Tom TAed in fall 2012. The award honors a graduate student who has demonstrated extraordinary teaching and mentoring as a teaching or research assistant.

ESD PhD candidate Sahar Hashmi was awarded the 2013 Bridge Builder Leadership Award at the 2013 Student Leader Awards by the MIT Student Activities and Leadership Committee for her efforts in establishing personal and physical wellbeing in the MIT community. The Bridge Builders Award “honors civic leaders who have formed partnerships across racial, social, economic and geographic barriers for the betterment of their communities.”
Coverage of research led by Randolph Kirchain and Elsa Olivetti in MIT Materials Systems Laboratory (MSL)

MIT Technology Review article about new energy secretary Ernest Moniz:
“Grasping for Ways to Capture Carbon Dioxide on the Cheap” – MIT Technology Review – May 30, 2013

David Simchi-Levi quoted in article about companies preferring to manufacture in the US: “Made in the USA back in style for small businesses” – Bloomberg Businessweek - Online – May 22, 2013

John Sterman’s research mentioned in article on data science: “Spotting Black Swans with Data Science” – The Wall Street Journal – May 17, 2013

Dava Newman talks about spacesuits of the future: “Will We Ever Have Star Trek-Style Spacesuits for Our Astronauts?” – Forbes – May 24, 2013

AgeLab director Joe Coughlin quoted in article about retirement costs: “Trimming transportation costs in retirement” – MarketWatch – May 30, 2013

Article about essay by Norbert Weiner (who is included on a timeline of ESD and engineering systems on the ESD website): “In 1949, He Imagined an Age of Robots” – The New York Times – May 21, 2013

Coverage of research led by Randolph Kirchain and Elsa Olivetti in MIT Materials Systems Laboratory (MSL):
“Footwear’s (carbon) footprint: Study finds the bulk of shoes’ carbon footprint comes from manufacturing processes”
– MIT News – May 22, 2013
“Running shoes leave large carbon footprint, study shows” – The Guardian – May 23, 2013

Ongoing coverage of Ernest Moniz, unanimously confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Energy, including:
“U.S.: Ernest Moniz sworn in as 13th Secretary of Energy” – PV Magazine – May 23, 2013
“Ernest Moniz - The New U.S. Energy Secretary” – Energy Matters – May 22, 2013
“US Senate confirms Moniz as nation's new energy secretary” – Biodiesel Magazine – May 16, 2013

Blog post (with video) by Steven Spear: “Don't Be a 'Zombie' Organization!” – The Huffington Post – May 21, 2013

Supply Chain Management Review article written by Edgar Blanco and Jason Mathers (Senior Manager at the Environmental Defense Fund): “Talent Strategies: To Succeed at Sustainability, First Learn to Communicate” – Supply Chain Management Review – May 14, 2013

Article about human mobility study led by Marta González: “Study shows that people organize daily travel efficiently” – MIT News – May 8, 2013

MIT News article about final competition for 2.007 mentions lead instructor Dan Frey: “In 2.007, slow and steady wins the race” – MIT News – May 10, 2013

Bryan Reimer demonstrates how MIT AgeLab researches how drivers cope with today's distracted roadway (video) – “Older Drivers in Future Cars” – The Weather Channel – May 15, 2013

MIT Sloan Experts blog post by Thomas Kochan: “Making good = profitable — Managing Sustainable Businesses” (includes video) – MIT Sloan Experts blog – May 9, 2013

Missy Cummings quoted in article on study of drone operators: “Video gamers make ideal drone operators but only when there's action: study” – The Huffington Post Canada – May 9, 2013

Joseph Coughlin quoted in article about college grads planning for careers and retirement: “Tips for college grads: How to retire rich” – The MarketWatch blog – The Wall Street – May 16, 2013

Article on consumer-developed innovations mentions research paper by Eric von Hippel: “Federal government looks for next great invention” – The Canadian Press – May 5, 2013

Michael Cusumano quoted in Financial Times article about Microsoft: “Microsoft has just blown its oldest trick” – Financial Times – May 9, 2013

Professor Ernest Moniz was confirmed, in a unanimous vote, as Secretary of Energy by the U.S. Senate. (Moniz was nominated on March 4.) Read more details in the Associated Press story, “Senate Confirms Physicist Moniz as Energy Chief.” (This story has been picked up by many major media outlets.) MIT announced that Robert C. Armstrong will be the new director of the MIT Energy Initiative.

U.S. Ambassador to Portugal Allan J. Katz led a Business Development Road Show. The MIT Portugal Program participated as a partner in this six-day event (April 28-May 3, 2013) bringing 24 Portuguese companies and institutions to Boston as well as to Kansas City, Missouri. While in Boston on May 1st, the ambassador and the companies visited the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) and MIT Media Lab. Read more here. You can read more MIT Portugal news in the latest MPP newsletter.

Article about energy challenges and incoming U.S. energy secretary Ernest Moniz
“The importance of being Ernest” – Nature Physics ( – May 3, 2013

Ed Crawley talks about Skolkovo Institute Science and Technology: “MIT Helps Russia Create New Innovation Hub” (video) – Bloomberg Businessweek – April 30, 2013

Bryan Reimer quoted in article about semiautonomous cars:“Semiautonomous Cadillacs Hit the Road for Testing” The New York Times – April 30, 2013

Missy Cummings quoted in article about military drones: “Living in Terror under a Drone-Filled Sky in Yemen” –The Atlantic – April 29, 2013

Professor Nancy Leveson recently delivered the keynote address at the 17th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. She spoke on “Applying Systems Thinking to Aviation Psychology.”

Jarrod Goentzel was elected president of the POMS College of Humanitarian Operations and Crisis Management at the recent Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) conference in Denver.

Excerpt of Yossi Sheffi’s book Logistics Clusters: Delivering Value and Driving Growthfeatured in Supply Chain Quarterly: “Clustering for competitive advantage”
Supply Chain Quarterly – Quarter 3, 2012 issue

Joseph Coughlin and MIT AgeLab featured in BBC program about aging and technology: Horizons – “Ageing Populations” – watch video

Article about the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Edward Crawley quoted): “MIT in Moscow Creates Sputnik Moments for $300 Million” – Bloomberg Markets Magazine - April 29, 2013

Thomas Kochan participated in recent panel on anchor institutions in urban cities driving economic development: “MIT and University of Maryland host Panel Discussion on How Anchor Organizations Build Community Wealth” – The Wall Street Journal – May 1, 2013

A paper by Jason Bartolomei (ESD PhD grad), Daniel E. Hastings, Richard de Neufville, and Donna Rhodes was selected as the recipient of the 2012 INCOSE Systems Engineering Journal Best Paper Award. The paper is “Engineering Systems Multiple-Domain Matrix: An organizing framework for modeling large-scale complex systems.” (View figures here.) Theaward will be formally announced during the Tuesday plenary session at the INCOSE International Symposium in Philadelphia, PA, June 24-27

Bryan Reimer quoted in article about semiautonomous cars: “Semiautonomous Cadillacs Hit the Road for Testing” – The New York Times – April 30, 2013

Missy Cummings quoted in article about military drones: “Living in Terror under a Drone-Filled Sky in Yemen” – The Atlantic – April 29, 2013

Excerpt of Yossi Sheffi’s book Logistics Clusters: Delivering Value and Driving Growthfeatured in Supply Chain Quarterly: “Clustering for competitive advantage” – Supply Chain Quarterly – Quarter 3, 2012 issue

Joseph Coughlin and MIT AgeLab featured in BBC program about aging and technology – Horizons – “Ageing Populations” – watch video

Article about the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Edward Crawley quoted):
“MIT in Moscow Creates Sputnik Moments for $300 Million”
Bloomberg Markets Magazine - April 29, 2013

Thomas Kochan participated in recent panel on anchor institutions in urban cities driving economic development: “MIT and University of Maryland host Panel Discussion on How Anchor Organizations Build Community Wealth”
The Wall Street Journal – May 1, 2013

A paper by Jason Bartolomei (ESD PhD grad), Daniel E. Hastings, Richard de Neufville, and Donna Rhodes was selected as the recipient of the 2012 INCOSE Systems Engineering Journal Best Paper Award. The paper is “Engineering Systems Multiple-Domain Matrix: An organizing framework for modeling large-scale complex systems.” (View figures here.) Theaward will be formally announced during the Tuesday plenary session at the INCOSE International Symposium in Philadelphia, PA, June 24-27.

President Emeritus of Tufts University and former MIT chancellor Larry Bacow presented the annual Charles L. Miller Lecture (co-sponsored by ESD and CEE) on April 22nd. Dr. Bacow spoke on “The Research University in the Digital Age.” Read the news item on the MIT website and watch the video on TechTV.

Ernest Moniz among the nine MIT faculty members recently elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences: “Nine MIT faculty members elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences” - MIT News - April 24, 2013

MIT News Office coverage of recent CTL event featuring president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “Commerce’s call to action” - MIT News - April 12, 2013

Edgar Blanco quoted in coverage on Wal-Mart: “Wal-Mart gives suppliers a deadline to disclose factory details” – Marketplace – American Public Media – April 15, 2013

Blanco also quoted in article on research on reducing emissions through logistics: “Going Green to Save Green” – Inbound Logistics – April 2013

Bryan Reimer quoted in Tech Review story on self-driving car: “Proceed with Caution toward the Self-Driving Car” – MIT Technology Review – April 16, 2013

TPP student Jesse Jenkins quoted in article about a group of MIT students and postdocs who went to Capitol Hill to urge reversal of budget cuts: “MIT Science Policy Initiative members visit Capitol Hill to support funding for research and development” – MIT News – April 17, 2013

Ongoing coverage of Ernest Moniz’s nomination as Secretary of Energy, including:
“Moniz Nominated as Energy Secretary” – MIT Technology Review – April 23, 2013
“China Must Exploit Its Shale Gas” (op-ed) – The New York Times – April 12, 2013
“Energy Nominee Moniz on Path for Approval” – Wall Street Journal – April 10, 2013
“Obama's energy, environment picks face Senate grilling this week” – Reuters – April 8, 2013
“Energy Dept. choice backs natural gas use” – Washington Post – April 9, 2013
“Three Obama Nominees Encounter No Opposition at Senate Confirmation Hearings” – The New York Times – April 10, 2013
"Moniz backs natural gas 'revolution’" – Associated Press – April 9, 2013

Bryan Reimer quoted in New York Times article about driver workload management: “As Workload Overwhelms, Cars Are Set to Intervene” – The New York Times – April 5, 2013

Research by Chris Caplice and Basak Kalkanci mentioned in article on ocean transportation: "Myths and Realities of Ocean Shipping" (p. 6) – Supply Chain Management Review – Mar/Apr 2013

John Hansman quoted in article on study of smaller airports: “Imperiled Towers Fall in Safety for Low-Traffic Airports” – Bloomberg News – April 4, 2013

Missy Cummings quoted in Boston Globe article on drone manufacturers: “Drone manufacturers struggle for acceptance” – The Boston Globe – April 7, 2013

Sandy Pentland mentioned in piece on data science: “The Potential and the Risks of Data Science” – The New York Times – Bits blog – April 7, 2013

Research of Thomas Allen mentioned in article on engineering workplaces to maximize innovation: “Engineering Serendipity” – The New York Times – April 7, 2013

Thomas Kochan quoted in NPR story about sanitation workers in Memphis
“Decades After MLK Death, Memphis Jobs In Spotlight”
NPR - Online – April 3, 2013

Seth Lloyd quoted on quantum computers in article about BlackBerry
“If Mike Lazaridis Can't Save BlackBerry, He'll Try To Save Waterloo”
The Huffington Post – March 29, 2013

Also, Lloyd quoted in:
“Entangled photons beat noise through teamwork”
Nature – Online – April 5, 2013 (This article also ran with Scientific American)

Michael Cusumano considers the economic implications as educational institutions expand online learning:
“Are the Costs of ’Free’ Too High in Online Education?”
Communications of the ACM – April 2013
“Beware of the High Cost of ‘Free’ Online Courses”
The New York Times – Bits blog – March 25, 2013
“Is the Internet Sending Higher Education the Way of the Newspaper Industry?”
Boston Magazine - Online – March 27, 2013

Research of Jessika Trancik covered in Forbes article: “Moore's Law vs. Wright's Law” – Forbes – March 25, 2013

ESD PhD student Jameson Toole profiled on MIT website: “Making sense of big data: PhD student Jameson Toole wants to harness data to improve human lives” – MIT News – March 26, 2013 - homepage spotlight (Also picked up on Phys.Org)

Coverage of paper co-authored by a grad student in Sandy Pentland’s research group and César Hidalgo (along with two others):
“How hard is it to 'de-anonymize' cellphone data?”
MIT News – March 27, 2013
“Mobile location data 'present anonymity risk'”
BBC News – March 25, 2013
(Read paper in Scientific Reports:“Unique in the Crowd: The privacy bounds of human mobility”)

Research of Jessika Trancik covered in Forbes article: “Moore's Law vs. Wright's Law” – Forbes – March 25, 2013

Professor Noelle Selin and Professor John R. Williams have been awarded seed funding from MITEI for their project proposals. MITEI awarded more than $2 million to 14 projects across four schools and nine departments. Selin’s project is “Improving Methods to Assess Multipollutant Regulatory Outcomes” and Williams’s project is “Optimum decision-making in reservoir management using reduced-order models.” Read more here.

Continuing coverage of Ernest Moniz as energy secretary nominee, including:
“Republican puts hold on EPA nominee; hearing set for Moniz”
Reuters – March 18, 2013
Obama's energy pick powered by industry heavyweights (originally ran in ProPublica ) – March 20, 2013

Joe Coughlin weighs in on the “bucket list”: “The Experts: Do We All Need 'Bucket Lists'?” The Wall Street JournalMarch 19, 2013 (contains a link to a video interview)

Bryan Reimer talks about redesigning automobile user-interface technology to make cars more responsive and safer for an aging consumer population: “A Truly Customized Vehicle” – MIT ILP website – March 14, 2013

Alex (Sandy) Pentland talks about studying cellphone data for clues about our behavior: “Who Made That Cellphone?” – The New York Times – March 15, 2013

Also, article mentions Pentland and his research on “honest signals”: “How To Master Yourself, Your Unconscious, And The People Around You: Part 5”
Forbes – Online – March 19, 2013

Seth Lloyd quoted in article about quantum computer: “Quantum computer could solve prime number mystery”: New Scientist - OnlineMarch 18, 2013

Article by Shalom Saada Saar (affiliated with CTL and SDM): “Talent Strategies: The Challenge of Developing and Retaining Talent" - Supply Chain Management Review - March 15, 2013

Mention of Production in the Innovation Economy Report (and recent Brunel Lecture speaker John Reed): “The Stock Market and the Economy's Apparent Disconnect” – Bloomberg Businessweek - March 14, 2013

Additional coverage of Ernest Moniz, nominated as Secretary of Energy
Extensive coverage, a small sampling includes:
“Ernest Moniz's 'Clean Coal' Stance Draws Fire from Environmental Groups “–Huffington Post – March 14, 2013
“How Obama’s Cabinet will shape his second term” – Washington Post – March 11, 2013
“Will Secretary Moniz Put Energy Back Into The Department of Energy?”
– Forbes – March 9, 2013

List of top supply chain thought leaders includes David Simchi-Levi and Yossi Sheffi: “In Search of the Ultimate Supply Chain Thought Leaders“
SCM Operations – March 2013

John Hansman quoted in Reuters article on Boeing 787 Dreamliner: “UPDATE 4-U.S. NTSB still seeking root cause of Boeing 787 fire” ReutersMarch 8, 2013 (picked up by additional media outlets, such as CNBC Online and

John Fernandez mentioned in article about MIT senior Marisa Simmons: “Better buildings, better lives” – MIT News – March 15, 2013

Eric von Hippel mentioned in article about innovation in health care: “Recipe for Relevance: Blend Digital Health Developers and Clinical Providers” – Forbes – Online – March 6, 2013

Tom Allen mentioned in article about telecommuting: “The work-from-home tug of war” – USA Today – March 12, 2013

ESD has received its first national ranking in U.S. News and World Report as part of the new expanded Engineering Specialties category:  Industrial/Manufacturing/Systems.  (This category used to be just “Industrial/Manufacturing,” but following an 18-month effort by INCOSE, IIE and ASEE, the category was broadened this year to include the engineering of "Systems.”) ESD was ranked 3rd nationally with a score of 4.3 on the 5 point scale. (Georgia Tech leads the category with 4.8, followed by Michigan at 4.6. MIT is co-ranked with Northwestern, Stanford and Berkeley.) The details of the top 10 schools are shown here. Read the MIT News Office coverage of the U.S. News rankings here: “New rankings acclaim MIT’s graduate programs in engineering, business” (MIT News – March 12, 2013). This related article talks about the value of programs with a systems approach: “Revamped Engineering Programs Emphasize Real-World Problem Solving” (US News & World Report – March 14, 2013), and includes a quote from LGO student Rachel Kelley.

Professor Nancy Leveson will be leading a second STAMP/STPA workshop at MIT March 26-28. (View conference agenda.) This event was tremendously successful last year, with more than 200 people from 19 countries attending. You can register (for free) online here.

MIT and Accenture recently announced a five-year research collaboration to develop advanced analytics solutions. The alliance will be headed by Narendra Mulani, senior managing director for Accenture Analytics, and Professor David Simchi-Levi. The alliance’s research aims to close the gap between the advance of analytics technologies and their successful application in specific industry and government environments. Read more here.

A team including TPP students Zak Accuardi and Yuanjian Carla Li won awards at the U.S. Department of Energy case competition last weekend. The Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge is an effort to reduce the energy use of commercial buildings by 20% by 2020 by catalyzing private-sector investment and innovation. As part of the initiative, DOE runs an annual Better Buildings Case Competition, inviting university energy clubs to propose the best and most innovative solutions to our nation's energy efficiency problems.  Each team was assigned two cases. Accuardi and Li’s team worked on cases on an energy efficiency strategy for Fort Worth and a business plan to upgrade heating and cooling systems in a big box retail chain. The team won awards for both cases. Read more here.

Magdalini Papadaki (a postdoc associate working with Gigi Hirsch in the NEWDIGS program at CBI) and Shweta Humad Sharma (Sloan graduate student currently working with NEWDIGS) were part of the MIT Science Policy Initiative delegation that participated  in the Congressional Visits Days (March 12-13) to discuss the importance of research funding continuation, in light of the recent sequestration voting in Congress. Read more here.

Major media coverage around the announcement of Prof. Moniz as nominee for Secretary of Energy; a very small sampling of the coverage includes:

Coverage of Jessika Trancik’s research aiming to determine how quickly technologies will advance:

Thomas Kochan talks about labor unions:

Article by Steve Eppinger taking a systems engineering view of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner: “A systems engineering view of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner” – MIT Sloan Experts (MIT Sloan website) – March 4, 2013

MIT AgeLab's Joe Coughlin interviewed in article about behavioral economics: "How Industry Experts Are Making Sense of Behavioral Economics" – Bank Investment Consultant – March 1, 2013

Article on parking app developed by team that included Robert Hampshire (MLK VisitingAssistant Professor, ESD): “Smartphone apps put parking spots at your fingertips” USA Today – March 3, 2013

John Reed talks about the challenges and opportunities of working with a complex sociotechnical system
– February 27, 2013

Dr. Daniel Livengood awarded inaugural Daniel and Eva Roos Engineering Systems Dissertation Prize – February 28, 2013

Prof. Nancy Leveson and the ESD Student Society honored with Joseph A. Martore Awards – February 28, 2013

Coverage of recent MIT Production in the Innovation Economy report:

Articles on Ernest Moniz as candidate to head US Energy Department:

Article on the international work of MIT BLOSSOMS: “Learning Blossoms” – The Star – February 22, 2013

Opinion piece by Valerie Karplus (ESD PhD graduate): “The Case for a Higher Gasoline Tax” – The New York Times – February 21, 2013

John Hansman quoted in article on Boeing’s efforts to fix the battery of the 787:“Source: Boeing to propose 787 battery fix to FAA” U.S. News & World Report (originated with the Associated Press)February 20, 2013

Yossi Sheffi quoted in article about Boeing’s problem of where to store the 787s that continue to be made after the grounding of the 787 Dreamliner fleet: “New Dreamliner Headache: Parking Space”– The New York Times – February 19, 2013

Missy Cummings quoted in article on how American firms that make drones are now focusing on the U.S. market: “Drone Makers Take Aim at U.S. Market” – Wall Street Journal – February 19, 2013

CIO Journal piece by Irving Wladawsky-Berger mentions systems safety book by Nancy Leveson: “What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger” – WSJ BlogsFebruary 17, 2013

Retirement advice piece by Joseph Coughlin: “4 questions to ask before downsizing your home MarketWatchThe Wall Street JournalFebruary 20, 2013

Article on rush-hour traffic research led by Marta González: “Traffic: Which Boston-area neighborhoods are to blame?” – The Boston Globe – February 17, 2013

Missy Cummings talks about drones on WGBH 89.7’s Innovation Hub: “Drones: The New Wave of Defense” (text and audio) – WGBH – Innovation Hub – February 15, 2013

Olivier de Weck named new editor-in-chief of INCOSE's flagship journal Systems Engineering – February 11, 2013

Dava Newman talks about the space suit of the future (article and videos): “MIT Professor Has Created a Safer, Skin Tight Space Suit That Will Make It Easier to Work on Mars” – Space Industry News – February 5, 2013

Article about John Hansman and his aviation research: “Elegant and Efficient: The Only Way to Fly”– MIT ILP Institute Insider – February 6, 2013

John Hansman talks about the Boeing 787:

Reuters news item about Ernest Moniz: “Exclusive: Obama considering MIT physicist Moniz for energy secretary – sources”Reuters – February 6, 2013

Bryan Reimer quoted in article about Google’s “driverless car”: “Can You Be Trusted with Google’s Driverless Car?” – Forbes (online) – January 30, 2013

Piece about transportation in retirement written by Joseph Coughlin: “Transportation: Retirement on the Move” – MarketWatch – January 29, 2013

Article about LGO graduate Liz Katcoff:“Student overcomes cancer to shine at internship and graduate” – MIT News – January 25, 2013

Article about recent awards for LGO faculty members and alumni for their work in operations research: “Six from LGO recognized for research” – LGO website – January 17, 2013

Article about Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech):

Editorial about BLOSSOMS co-authored by Richard Larson: “A richer Science, Maths experience” New Straits Times – January 18, 2013

Utterback honored as exemplar of excellence
– January 17, 2013

Additional coverage of traffic research led by Marta González: “Key source of Bay Area traffic headaches revealed by top researchers” – – January 8, 2013

John Hansman quoted in coverage of recent Boeing Dreamliner problems:

Item on the work of Sandy Pentland: “The Science of Subtle Signals” – Forbes – Online – January 7, 2013

Op-ed co-authored by Alan B. Davidson, visiting scholar at TPP and former director of public policy for the Americas at Google: “Is Google Like Gas or Like Steel?” – The New York Times – January 4, 2013 

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