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Cynthia Barnhart has been named chancellor and Martin Schmidt has been named provost. Read full news item from the MIT News Office here

Thomas Roemer, faculty member at the University of California at San Diego and former assistant professor of operations at MIT Sloan, has been named as executive director of MIT Leaders for Global Operations (LGO). Roemer will start work at LGO on or around July 1, 2014. He succeeds Don Rosenfield, who has been LGO's program director since its inception in 1988. Read full news item on the LGO website and MIT website.  Read more LGO news in the Feb. 2014 LGO Alumni Newsletter.

Two ESD faculty members featured in the winter 2014 issue of MIT Spectrum (focusing on cities)
Noelle Selin: “From Pollutants to Smart Policy”
John Fernández: “Where Economy Meets Ecology”

Chris Caplice discusses his research on identifying dominant designs in logistics
“Changing the 'Dominant Design' of Distribution” (video)
SupplyChainBrain – January 13, 2014

Dava Newman and BioSuit featured recent print issue of Boston Magazine
View online version: “BioSuit: The Future of Space Gear Is Being Built out of MIT”
Boston Magazine – December 10, 2013

Sandy Pentland talks about the importance of face-to-face social connections
“CIO Network: Power of Face-to-Face Communication” (video)
Wall Street Journal –Online – February 5, 2014

Article about a new survey by the Hartford Financial Services Group and MIT AgeLab
“Planning for Retirement after a Spouse Dies”
US News & World Report – February 22, 2013

Michael Cusumano quoted in article about Microsoft’s search for a new CEO
“At Microsoft, would an insider CEO be the best choice?”
The Washington Post – Online – January 31, 2014

MIT BLOSSOMS fosters international partnerships in Malaysia and China
– January 27, 2014

Coverage of NEWDIGS and its efforts to improve the drug development process
News and Analysis: An Audience with Gigi Hirsch
Nature – Nature Reviews: Drug Discovery – December 31, 2013
“Researchers Aim to Speed Cures to Patients”
The Wall Street Journal – December 30, 2013

Article on new paper co-authored by Noelle Selin
“Air pollutants in the Arctic act as global indicators”
MIT News – December 23, 2013

Additional coverage of recent supply chain research by David Simchi-Levi
“Expenditures, Supply Chain Risk Aren't Linked, Study Finds”
SupplyChain Brain - December 26, 2013
“New MIT Study Defies Basic Business Tenet in Supply Chain Risk Management”
IndustryWeek – December 18, 2013
Also highlighted on the School of Engineering website.

Eric von Hippel quoted in article about consumer-generated innovation:
“Harnessing the power of extreme consumers” (requires subscription)
Financial Times – January 6, 2014

Jeremy Gregory quoted in article on report on electronic waste:
“Emerging nations overtake West in dumping electronic trash”
Reuters – December 14, 2013

Article by César Hidalgo on weaving together data and imagination:
“Where Art and Science Meet”
Descience – December 30, 2013

Coverage of Dava Newman and the BioSuit
“This Spacesuit for Exploring Mars Is a Form-Fitting Math Problem”
WIRED – January 7, 2014

Seth Lloyd quoted in media coverage on quantum computing technology:
“Quantum Computing, The NSA And The Future Of Cryptography” (audio)
On Point – WBUR – January 8, 2014
“Snowden: The NSA is trying to build a super computer to crack any code”
San Jose Mercury News - Online – January 3, 2014
“NSA aims to build quantum computer that could crack world's encryptions”
PBS NewsHour - Online – January 2, 2014
“NSA working to build computer to crack encryption”
USA Today - Online – January 1, 2014

John Carroll quoted in article on management errors:
“Managers learn to see the error of their ways”
Financial Times – January 5, 2014

Article on MIT BLOSSOMS partnership with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM):
“Teachers blossom with help of videos”
New Straits Times – January 5, 2014

Coverage of recent research of Jessika Trancik and ESD students
“Study finds piece-by-piece approach to emissions policies can be effective”
MIT News - December 16, 2013
Picked up by many other outlets, including:
Science Daily – December 16, 2013
Product Design & Development – December 16, 2013
Renewablesbiz – December 16, 2013

Coverage of recent supply chain research by David Simchi-Levi
“Factories Look for Supply-Chain Risks in All the Wrong Places”
The Wall Street Journal – December 18, 2013
“Hidden risk in supply chains”
MIT News – December 16, 2013
Picked up by many other outlets, including:
Science World Report – December 17, 2013
Supply & Demand Chain ExecutiveDecember 18, 2013
Material Handling & Logistics – December 17, 2013

Randy Kirchain talks about recent study on the growing quantities of used electronics devices
“3 Questions: Randolph Kirchain on the spread of electronic waste”
MIT News – December 17, 2013
MIT story picked up by many other outlets, including:
Innovations Report – December 16, 2013
Product Design & Development – December 17, 2013
Electronic Component News Online – December 16, 2013
This StEP initiative research has received substantial coverage worldwide (so far, in 23 languages across 75 countries)—a few additional clips include:
“Emerging Economies Now the Leading Producers of E-Waste”
TIME – December 16, 2013
“Emerging countries to fuel 33% surge in e-waste by 2017, says report”
TechWorld – December 16, 2013
BBC World Service Radio (story on electronic waste, starts at about 6 min.) – interview with Jeremy Gregory

Profile of Noelle Selin in MITEI publication Energy Futures
“New faculty strengthen, broaden MIT’s energy expertise”
MITEI – December 16, 2013

Article on Edgar Blanco’s work to develop carbon-efficient strategies in logistics operations
“Delivering on the Promise of Green Logistics”
MIT Sloan Management Review – December 16, 2013

Blog post by ESD PhD candidate Josephine Wolff on how Harvard tracked down the student who allegedly made bomb threats via email
“C+ in Online Anonymity”
Slate – Future Tense blog – December 18, 2013

Article on LGO faculty member Zeynep Ton and her new book The Good Jobs Strategy
A blueprint for creating better jobs – and bigger profits” – December 12, 2013

Recent coverage of AgeLab research
“An Alternative to Giving Up the Car Keys”
The New York Times – December 13, 2013
Recent blog post by AgeLab director Joe Coughlin
“What If Robots Could Cuddle?”
Big Think – December 15, 2013
Coughlin interviewed on the new older workplace
“The Value of Older Workers”
The Diane Rehm Show – NPR – December 19, 2013

Read older news articles here.

Prof. Dava Newman in her BioSuit
Dava Newman models her BioSuit—a
sleek spacesuit that relies on mechanical
counter-pressure instead of using gas
pressurization—on Henry Moore's sculpture
'Reclining Figure' on the MIT campus.
photo courtesy of Donna Coveney/MIT
MIT Sloan
MIT School of Science
MIT School of Humanities