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Professor Asuman Ozdaglar (EECS) announced as new director of LIDS and associate director (designate) of the new MIT entity focusing on complex, sociotechnical systems:
“Letter regarding new LIDS director”
MIT News – September 23, 2014

Article by Yossi Sheffi in
MIT Technology Review:
“A Failure to Treat Workers with Respect Could Be Uber’s Achilles’ Heel”
MIT Technology Review – September 22, 2014

NPR blog post on paper co-written by Richard Larson:
“After The NIH Funding 'Euphoria' Comes The 'Hangover'”
NPR – Shots: Health News from NPR blog – September 24, 2014
Here is the paper referenced: “Magnified Effects of Changes in NIH Research Funding Levels” - Richard C. Larson, Navid Ghaffarzadegan, and Mauricio Gomez Diaz – Service Science
This coverage was also picked up in the Sept. 25th issue of the ASEE First Bell newsletter.

A summary of research by 2014 SCM alumni Hang Shi and Daniele Primavera:
“Unlocking the Power of POS”
Supply Chain Management Review – September 14, 2014

Joe Coughlin featured in
Fast Company special HP Issue on the future of transportation: “The Baby Boomers Drive Change, Again”
Fast Company – Issue No. 2, Fall 2014
Also, Coughlin quoted in article about grandparents talking to their grandchildren about money:
“Grandparents: Talk to Your Grandchildren About Money”
USA Today – September 24, 2014

Additional coverage of BioSuit, including quotes from Dava Newman
Below is a
sampling of selected clips:
“MIT's New BioSuit Shrinkwraps Astronauts to Hold Them Together”
Gizmodo – September 23, 2014
“Shrink-wrapping spacesuits”
Space Daily – September 22, 2014
“New MIT biosuit could herald new age in form-fitting spacesuit”
Tech Times – September 19, 2014
“Wearable robot-skin could be worn by drones” – September 25, 2014

SDM alum and ESD PhD student Andrea Ippolito was selected as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, working with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Read the announcement on the White House Blog here.

ESD PhD and TPP graduate Sgouris Sgouridis is now Associate Professor at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. Read more.

Professor Yossi Sheffi has posted a new LinkedIn Influencer article, “How Will Apple’s Future-Facing Watch Change Your Business?” examining Apple’s impact on product supply chains.

MIT News article on Dava Newman and the BioSuit:
“Shrink-wrapping spacesuits”
MIT News – September 18, 2014

Article by Jason Black (ESD PhD and TPP alum) on renewable energy sources:
“Implications in grid stability: Replacing coal with renewables”
FierceSmartGrid – September 10, 2014

Article mentions research of Sandy Pentland and his team at the MIT Human Dynamics Laboratory:
“The Workplace of the Future Is Still the Office”
Forbes – Online – September 9, 2014

Article mentions CTL research on American companies that have announced they are bringing jobs to the US:
“Globalization Is in Retreat? Not So Fast”
The New York Times – September 16, 2014

Michael Cusumano quoted in coverage of Apple:
“Apple doesn't need another charismatic leader. It needs Tim Cook” – September 6, 2014
“Watched: Apple is becoming a very different company, and not just because of its newly unveiled products”
The Economist – Online – September 11, 2014
“What the Apple Watch Says About Apple”
The New York Times – Bits blog – September 15, 2014
“Four ways that Tim Cook is making Apple his own”
San Jose Mercury News – Online – September 12, 2014

David Mindell quoted in article about the Exosuit, a new advanced diving suit that will give them much more time to probe for new artifacts:
“A Superhero of Sorts in a Hunt for Artifacts”
The New York Times – Online – September 9, 2014

Seth Lloyd quoted in article on time travel:
“Time Travel Simulation Resolves ‘Grandfather Paradox’”
Scientific American – Online – September 2, 2014

MIT Portugal PhD candidate Miguel Amador has received a Fulbright award enabling him to study at MIT. Starting this month, Amador will be studying the regulatory frameworks relating to technological innovation in breakthrough therapies and their effect on patient access to the therapies. He will work with Professor Ken Oye on how to enable adaptive frameworks in current US and EU clinical, political, and economic contexts. Read more here.

Article in
The Tech about the new institutional entity at MIT focused on complex and sociotechnical systems, information and decision systems, and statistics:
“Plans for academic entity move forward”
The Tech – September 12, 2014

Article about Maria Yang and her research in the area of early-stage design:
“Visual thinking for engineers”
MIT News – September 10, 2014

Profile of ESD PhD candidate Sahar Hashmi on MIT Sloan Newsroom website
“Studying health care from every angle”
MIT Sloan – Newsroom – September 10, 2014

Richard Larson quoted in article about the first Dunkin’ Donuts shop open in California:
“Dunkin' Donuts opens first store in California”
The Boston Globe – September 6, 2014 (includes video)
Also picked up here

Jarrod Goentzel interviewed about Ebola medical supply shipment delays:
“Ebola Supply Shipments Delayed By Transportation Issues”
Morning Edition – NPR – September 8, 2014

Jim Rice interviewed by Financial Times regarding an MIT CTL study on US manufacturing reshorings:
“Few US ‘reshorings’ go ahead, study finds”
Financial Times – September 7, 2014

Bryan Reimer quoted in article about self-driving cars:
“The Cognitive Consequence of Self-Driving Cars”
The Huffington Post – September 10, 2014

Profile of ESD Acting Director Munzer Dahleh (also director-designate of a new MIT entity that will focus on complex and sociotechnical systems, information and decision systems, and statistics):
“The connector: Munther Dahleh’s expertise in mathematical modeling gives him profound insight into people, and MIT”
MIT News – September 3, 2014

MIT BLOSSOMS included in article about how technology can improve the classroom:
“There no app for good teaching: 8 ways to think about tech in ways that actually improve the classroom” – September 3, 2014

Sandy Pentland quoted in back-to-school article about key skills:
“When School Starts Up Again, What Skills Should Our Kids Be Learning?”
Forbes – Online – August 22, 2014

TPP alum Michael Massimino tells the story of his mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope:
“A View of the Earth”
The Moth – NPR – added online August 26, 2014 (recorded November 12, 2012)

Thomas Kochan quoted in coverage of Market Basket:
“Market Basket Revolt Ends as Arthur T. Demoulas Wins Bid”
Bloomberg News – Online – August 28, 2014
“Market Basket talks drag on amid legal maneuvering”
The Boston Globe – Online – August 28, 2014
“Workers Win Supermarket President’s Job Back: Market Basket's Board Announces Deal to Reinstate Ex-Chief”
The New York Times – Online – August 28, 2014

Read older news articles here.

Prof. Dava Newman in her BioSuit
Dava Newman models her BioSuit—a
sleek spacesuit that relies on mechanical
counter-pressure instead of using gas
pressurization—on Henry Moore's sculpture
'Reclining Figure' on the MIT campus.
photo courtesy of Donna Coveney/MIT
MIT Sloan
MIT School of Science
MIT School of Humanities