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Infrastructure Vulnerabilities due to Terrorism

Among This Year’s $50K Semi-Finalists

The extreme importance of critical infrastructures to modern society is widely recognized. These infrastructures are complex and interdependent. Protecting the critical infrastructures from terrorism presents an enormous challenge. Recognizing that society cannot afford the costs associated with absolute protection, it is necessary to identify and prioritize the vulnerabilities in these infrastructures.

By protecting the critical locations society achieves the greatest benefit for the protection investment. We have been working on developing a methodology for the identification and prioritization of vulnerabilities in infrastructures. We model the infrastructures as interconnected digraphs and employ graph theory to identify the candidate vulnerable scenarios. These scenarios are screened for their susceptibility to a terrorist attack, and a prioritized list of vulnerabilities is produced. The prioritization methodology is based on multi-attribute utility theory. The methodology is illustrated through the presentation of a portion on the analysis conducted on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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