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Leaders for Global
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  Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  System Design and
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Professional Education


Leaders for Global Operations (LGO)
LGO is a two-year graduate program for students who want to develop engineering and management skills geared toward careers in operations and manufacturing. The dual curriculum leads to an MBA or Master of Science from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a Master of Science from one of seven MIT engineering programs. Interwoven with degree courses is a leadership sequence unique to LGO, a six-month project internship with an LGO partner company leading to a master’s thesis, in-depth site visits to manufacturing and distribution plants, and regular interactions with industry leaders. Learn more about the MBA/SM in engineering systems on the ESD and LGO websites.

  • Degrees received: Master of Science in Engineering Systems (etc.), MBA*
  • Type of program: professional
  • Duration of program: 2 years, beginning in June
  • How to apply

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
MIT’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) program attracts business professionals from across the globe to experience its unique combination of master's level coursework, professional development, and industry interaction. Started in 1998 by the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, SCM provides its graduates with proficiency in both problem-solving and change leadership, which are skills they are now practicing in a wide variety of industries, including consulting, manufacturing, retail, logistics, distribution and software.

  • Degree received: Master of Engineering in Logistics
  • Type of program: professional
  • Duration of program: 9 months, beginning August/September
  • How to apply

System Design and Management (SDM)
Jointly offered by the Engineering Systems Division within the MIT School of Engineering and the MIT Sloan School of Management, SDM offers an MS in Engineering and Management. Built on a foundation of core courses in system architecture, systems engineering, and system and project management, SDM starts with technically grounded professionals and prepares them to be holistic systems thinkers, innovators, and leaders working in a wide range of organizations.

  • Degree received: Master of Science in Engineering and Management
  • Type of program: professional
  • Duration of program: variable, beginning in August/September
  • How to apply

Technology and Policy Program (TPP)
The Technology and Policy Program (TPP) strives to develop leaders who can create, refine, and implement responsible policies that are informed not only by an understanding of technology and its instruments, but also by the broad social contexts that both shape and are shaped by technology. The curriculum is grounded in the goal of providing a dual competency: strength both in a technical field and in the policy process, combining a core in engineering or the natural sciences with studies in applied social sciences. TPP’s graduates are equipped to be effective leaders in both the public and private sectors.

  • Degree received: Master of Science in Technology and Policy
  • Type of program: research-based
  • Typical duration of program: two years, beginning in September
  • How to apply

Master of Science Degree in Engineering Systems (ESD SM)

* Occasionally students choose to receive a Master of Science in Management instead

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