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Jessika Trancik

Associate Professor of Engineering Systems

Prof. Trancik's research centers on evaluating the environmental impacts and costs of energy technologies, and setting design targets to help accelerate the development of these technologies in the laboratory. This work involves assembling and analyzing expansive datasets, and developing new quantitative models and theory. Projects focus on electricity and transportation, with an emphasis on solar energy conversion and storage technologies.

Trancik was a postdoctoral fellow at the Santa Fe Institute and a fellow at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. She earned a B.S. in materials science and engineering from Cornell University (1997), and a PhD in materials science from Oxford University (2002), where she studied as a Rhodes Scholar. She has also worked for the United Nations, and as an advisor to the private sector on investment in low-carbon energy technologies. She has published in journals such as Nature Climate Change, Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nano Letters, and Environmental Science and Technology.

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Assessing climate impacts of energy technologies” article features the research of Jessika Trancik and Morgan Edwards – MITEI website – December 15, 2014

Jessika Trancik discusses methane emissions research and the implications for EPA, “Living On Earth: EPA Rules Ignore Methane” – NPR – June 13, 2014

Climate change mitigation: Deposing global warming potentials” offers new metrics that target technology assessments – Nature Climate Change – April 25, 2014

Trancik Lab research suggests that “Solar and wind innovations are reflected in booming patents” – USA Today – November 27, 2013

Jessika Trancik’s research is covered in “Moore’s law is not just for computers,” as she works to predict the future of technology and how costs evolve. – Nature – April 25, 2014

Article on Jessika Trancik’s graduate seminar Energy Systems and Climate Change Mitigation (ESD.124): “Seminar challenges with systems approach to climate change” – MITEI website – January 19, 2012, and on the MIT News site

Interviewed about her research for “How a PopTech fellow is accelerating clean energy development” – (a CBS website) – September 1, 2011

Jessika Trancik, assistant professor of engineering systems, has been named a 2011 PopTech Science and Public Leadership Fellow. This fellowship is designed to address the need for scientists to be collaborative and socially engaged public communicators. Read MIT News item.

Jessika Trancik talks about new research on which technologies are likeliest to advance rapidly: MIT News – May 17, 2011; This was listed as one of this week’s “most-viewed” and “most-e-mailed” news stories on the MIT website, and received substantial coverage including: MSNBC Cosmic Log (science blog) – May 19, 2011; Chem.Info – May 17, 2011; R&D Magazine – May 17, 2011; – May 17, 2011; TGDaily – May 18, 2011; The Future of Things – May 18, 2011

Jessika Trancik joins MIT Engineering Systems Faculty. Read the School of Engineering announcement here.

Trancik interviewed in Seed Magazine article about renewable energy: "Here Comes the Sun (and Wind)" – August 27, 2009


Contact info:

Jessika Trancik
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Building E17-447
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617.715.4552
Email to: trancik "at"

Support Staff:

Name: Fran Marrone
Phone: 617.253.4885


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