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Paul A. Lagacé

Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems

Dr. Lagacé received his Ph.D. from MIT. Upon joining the faculty in 1982, he concentrated his work in the areas of mechanics, fracture, longevity, damage resistance, and damage tolerance of composite materials and their structures. He has published widely on these topics and on general topics related to composite materials and their structures.

With this work and his extensive cooperation with industry as background, he has been an initiator and key leader of an effort to improve the methodology for the design and certification of composite structures via the recognition and associated modeling of the various lengthscales involved in the behavior of composite structures.

In later years, he broadened his areas of engagement to include overall views of engineering systems, with particular emphasis on effects of technology.

Dr. Lagacé has taught courses in the areas of mechanics of materials and structures, with special emphasis on composite materials and their structures, and has developed courses dealing with manufacturing with composite materials and advanced topics in composite materials and structures. With James Mar, he developed the video course series "Composite Materials." More recently he developed a course on "Systems Thinking" and a freshman course on the "Essentials of Engineering".

Dr. Lagacé has received departmental and Institute awards for excellence in undergraduate teaching, and is a MacVicar Faculty Fellow. He is a member of several societies including being a fellow of the ASTM, a fellow of the AIAA, a fellow of the ASC, and an ICCM World Fellow of Composites. He has served for six years as the president of the International Committee on Composite Materials, and has received various awards. He also serves as a consultant to industry and as a participant on various governmental committees.

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Paul Lagace Elected AIAA Fellow – November 1999

Paul A. Lagacé

Contact info:

Paul A. Lagacé
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Room 33-310
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Phone: 617.253.3628
Fax: 617.253.0361
Email to: pal "at"


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