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Marta C. González

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems


Licentiate in physics, Universidad Simon Bolivar, 1999
Magister Sc. in physics, Central University of Venezuela, 2001
Ph.D. in physics (Dr. rer. nat), Stuttgart Univarsität, 2006

Research Interests

Professor González integrates methods of complex systems with statistical physics approaches, computational sciences, geographic information systems and network theory to characterize and model human dynamics. Her current research explores human mobility patterns using mobile phone communication, propagation of mobile phone viruses and urban transportation models. Her work also addresses the analysis of networks' organization in relation to their attributes in social systems and spreading dynamics.

Selected Publications:

“Understanding the spreading patterns of mobile phones viruses,” P. Wang, M.C. González, C.A. Hidalgo and A.-L.Barabási. Science, 324, 1071-1076 (2009).

“Understanding individual human mobility patterns,” M.C. González, C.A. Hidalgo and A.-L. Barabási. Nature 453, 479-482 (2008).

"Community structure and ethnic preferences in school friendship networks," M.C. González, H.J. Herrmann, J. Kertész, and T. Vicsek. Physica A 379, 307-316 (2007).

"System of mobile agents to model social networks," M.C. González, P.G. Lind and H.J. Herrmann. Physical Review Letters 96, 088702 (2006).

Related News:

Article on paper on model of human mobility co-authored by Marta González: “Researchers create first large-scale model of human mobility that incorporates human nature” – MIT News – February 27, 2012



Contact info:

Marta C. González
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Building 1-153
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617.715.4140
Email to: martag "at"


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