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Frank R. Field III

Senior Research Associate, Sociotechnical Systems Research Center
Director of Education, Technology and Policy Program
Senior Research Engineer
Senior Lecturer in Engineering Systems

Dr. Field holds a Ph.D. from MIT. He is a researcher in the area of materials systems analysis, a field in which economic and operations research methods are applied to problems in materials and materials processing. His research has focused upon the practical application of these methods, and the thrust of this work has been to develop ways in which systems analysis tools, combined with materials process engineering knowledge, can be intelligently applied to address important issues in product development and planning and in the broader areas of materials and environmental policy.

Dr. Field’s work has been applied to materials and manufacturing problems in the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries. His work bridges the fields of economics, materials engineering, decision analysis and technology policy, and it has been used by policymakers in government and industry to examine automobile recycling policies and the strategic implications of advanced automobile technologies.

Within MIT, Dr. Field not only has worked with undergraduate and graduate students as a research supervisor, but he has also served in a teaching capacity. He conducts and develops courses in the ESD Technology and Policy Program and an Engineering School-wide elective in systems analysis. Within the Technology & Policy Program, he also serves as Director of Education and teaches parts of the program core.

Selected Publications:

Paper presented at the 2004 Engineering Systems Symposium:
> Co-Author of Monograph Chapter "Sustainability as an Organizing Design Principle for Large-Scale Engineering Systems"

Related News:

Frank Field Receives First ESD Educational Excellence Award – December 2003

Frank R. Field III

Contact info:

Frank R. Field III
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Building E38-416
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Phone: 617.253.2146
Email to: furd "at"

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