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Joel Philip Clark

Professor of Materials Systems and Engineering Systems
Co-Lead, Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing (EDAM) Focus Area, MIT Portugal Program

Dr. Clark holds an Sc.D. from MIT. His current research involves analysis of the relationship between technology and economics in materials industries.

The long term objectives of Dr. Clark’s research are twofold: (1) to establish a comprehensive and consistent framework for analyzing the markets for minerals over the next 10-20 years, and the costs of supplying these markets, (2) to apply this framework to the study of the dynamic behavior of supply, demand, and prices in specific materials markets.

Dr. Clark aims to create a framework that can answer questions such as: How will the future costs and properties of new materials affect the competitive positions of existing materials industries, and how will they impact end use markets?; What would be the likely supply and demand responses in the event of significant supply or price disruptions and/or cartel actions?

Related News:

Joel Clark Named Co-Director of new GM-MIT Materials and Manufacturing Systems Analysis Collaborative Research Laboratory – May 20, 2003

Joel Philip Clark

Contact info:

Joel Philip Clark
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Building E38-410
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617.253.6885
Fax: 617.258.0860
Email to: jpclark "at"


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